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Today makes a total of five weeks that I have worn my chastity cage nonstop, 24/7. Five long weeks of not being able to fully get hard or erect, instead pushing and bulging against the steel in futile attempts at full arousal. I’m not going to break that down into days or hours or anything like that, because “five weeks” should illustrate how long it’s been without having to go deeper into it.

Seriously, though…. FIVE WEEKS! Most guys find it difficult to go one week without even jerking off, and I haven’t even been able to get my dick hard for five times that! It really seems almost ridiculous when I say it out loud.

Before this, my longest time of wearing the Jailbird 24/7 was a little bit over three weeks, and I remember feeling my skin on my cock stretch out for the first time… it almost hurt, it had been so long. This time around, I’m almost doubling the amount of time between erections… how much more is this going to hurt when I finally get fully hard?

Five fucking weeks… actually, I should say five “no-fucking” weeks, because that’s what it’s been. Five weeks since I’ve been able to feel My Lady’s pussy on my cock, her mouth or hands on me stroking me up and down… it’s been waaaaaay too long now. Not for her, of course; she’s been getting all of the sex she wants. Whether it’s my tongue, my fingers, or one of our toys when she really needs her pussy filled… she is having all of her needs attended to, while I get more and more desperate every day.

I don’t know if it’s just me noticing it more or if it’s true, but our Twitter timeline seems to be filled with pics and videos of couples fucking. Every day I’m bombarded by images of hard cocks thrusting deep into wet pussies, and all I wish for is being able to see my own do the same with My Lady. I will admit that part of me finds the “pseudo-cuckold” aspect of it all very hot – forced to see all of these people easily getting to do the one thing I can’t, no matter how badly I want to. And don’t even get me started on the gut punches that come in the form of cumshots; I’m way past the realm of fantasizing of having an orgasm any time soon. I just want to be able to get hard….

Next week is Thanksgiving, which is the earliest deadline ML has put on my current 24/7 lockup period; I’ve known for a while that I wouldn’t be getting out before then. I think it was this past weekend where I truly hit the point where I just wanted out, and it’s only gotten worse as the week progressed. I think I would seriously, honestly do anything just to be unlocked right about now, it’s that bad. But it’s not over yet…and, depending on ML’s mood, it might not even be close to being over.

Yesterday I tweeted this…
and it actually got me thinking about how much fun I had with my last girl toy. I think I miss that little taste of how it is to dominate a female. It’s also so much fun to tease cagedmonkey and basically cuckold him and force him to watch me being pleased by a woman.

Last night I told cagedmonkey to start looking on Fetlife for me again to find me some interesting, active, bisexual/lesbian girls so I can send messages to meet some friends. I wouldn’t say there are a lot of kinky people here where we live so I’m assuming any playthings I find will likely be at a distance. That exactly bother me too much having some distance gives space and time to get to know each other, to play and try things out in other ways to even see if we are compatible.

Anyway, I did send a few messages and got a couple responses and even started texting with a lovely young lady here who is bisexual and has a Dom currently. Who knows where it will go or if anything will come of it but it’s fun looking around and making new friends anyway.

I do look forward to the fun Mistress Marie and I can get into when we see each other again. I’m sure the boys will be awfully frustrated if she and I have a couple drinks and end up getting a little frisky with each other. She’s a damn sexy lady. ūüôā

Some of you may know and some of you may not but for a while now, I’ve been looking for a submissive girl to have as a plaything. A good little girl to be mine, to play with how I want, to corrupt. Not just any girl, because I actually want to build a friendship and a relationship with this girl. Sort of like having myself a girlfriend on the side. I have been looking locally, only to find that most were fake or just playing games and not really into actually meeting. I am looking to experience real life play but decided I would expand my reach a bit.

I started with a simple f4f post on Reddit in the BDSMPersonals and, good Lord, some of the responses from Reddit are simply comical – in a not so good way! I have met a couple good people and gotten to be friends from there but the crazies made me pull my ad down and take a break. I was still looking through, though, in hopes of finding a f4f post by a sub looking for a Domme. I should say I put hubby on the task of finding them and passing them along to me. Basically I was making him look for a girl for me to play with. Which, in itself is kinda hot and very frustrating to him to think about the fact that I want him to find the girl in going to make him watch as a cuckold him with a woman. Tied up and locked in his cage as he watches me get pleased by a woman, as she makes my pussy cum and it’s dripping down her chin.

The fun part is, I want to do the same to her, tease her, deny her and force her to watch me get pleased when she is dying to be the one making me cum. I want to dominate her, bind her, spank her, control her. I really had given up hope, if I’m being quite honest. I didn’t think this girl even existed.

Then I got a link texted to me from cagedmonkey. At first I left it sit in my messages without clicking on it. I just really was tired of people. After a bit I gave it a chance, when I read it I was like, “yeah right, he must be crazy, she’s half my age!” Ya know what, I said fuck and sent her a message. I quite simply said “I want to chat more, message me,” pretty much because I figured she wouldn’t so why prove myself haha. I mean, what could happen, she’d be fake, we’d talk for a bit and then conversation would trail off like it always does. Well, not so much! Haha the weirdest thing happened. This girl, we’ll call her Lizzy here, and I clicked like crazy and couldn’t stop talking. We both actually wanted to hear from the other and we talked, for days! It was so much fun – it IS so much fun – getting to know each other. Now an even hotter thing is that she and hubby have started chatting and getting to know each other too. They are almost exactly alike! It’s like I found the girl version of him, I love it! I find it interesting to think that my hubby is chatting away and becoming friends with someone who is basically my girlfriend and who I am hoping I get to see in person to cuckold the hell out of him with.

I have had so much fun, recently, taking bits of control away from Lizzy. I love to hear her call me ma’am. I love to make her follow my instructions and do things to her body for me. She’s my little pain slut too and I love to hear her whimper. I can’t wait to dig deeper with her, to touch her deepest darkest fantasies.

For now I leave you with these images – I mean how could I not be turned on and want to control that body?

And damn! She’s just so delicious looking, I can’t wait to get her on her knees, bind her arms behind her, wrap my hand in her long dirty blonde hair and just rub her face in my sloppy wet pussy.

It’s creeping up on a month since my last orgasm now, and I can definitely feel my horniness taking on a whole new intensity. I don’t know if it’s because ML has been teasing me out of the cage more, or if it’s the use of the super-confining Revenge, or it could just be the fact that I’m a male with an incredibly high sex drive who has gone cum-less for so long…. but I can feel the need growing. I’d never use my safeword with ML just because I wanted to cum, but this weekend for the first time I considered thinking about possibly maybe using it. It’s that bad.

And I have how much longer to go?

Actually, the answer to that question is not 100% clear. It has been somewhat assumed that my next Maybe Day is our anniversary, seeing as we go on our Carribean cruise the week following. Assumed, but not decided on. And, as always, it is ML’s choice to make whether or not I actually get to cum on any Maybe Day. I feel somewhat safe about this time around; after this, I honestly have no clue.

I can feel my sexual need starting to take over me. Any time I am close to ML, any time I look at her I get turned on. I’ve had to battle with incredibly strong morning wood just about all week, my cock filling the cage and nearly bursting through the bars of the Jailbird. And my fantasies have beginning to get very¬†intense.

Oddly enough, this is very exciting to me. I was secretly worried that maybe I was starting to veer off of the “kink” path in some ways, but these urges show me otherwise. I’ll explain. For the past few weeks, ML has been using my face to get her horny pussy off. I am enjoying it to no end. There have been moments, however, where she gets a little overeager and covers my face with her gooey wetness enough where I am unable to breathe.¬† We’ve explored this before¬†and enjoyed it very much, but recently I’ve been trying to avoid it. I don’t know why, exactly… I just wasn’t into it. But now that my uncontrollable horniness has taken over, I’m very aggreeable to whatever ML wants to do with me – whether it be smother me with her huge titties, force me to lick her pussy until my jaw aches, or queening me until I pass out tongue fucking her ass.

Even our most recent discussions about the pseudo-cuckolding fantasies are getting darker and more intense… do I really want to be locked into the steel bars and be forced to watch another man jerk off and cum all over my wife’s tits? Do I want to be teased mercilessly, edged over and over, and have to beg this man to either let me have an orgasm or allow the torment to stop?

I guess the real question is… do I want to have a choice in the matter?

I’m pretty sure I know the answer to that question.

Author: Cagedmonkey

It’s three days past “Maybe Day” and I’m jumping through my skin. I’ve suffered through 5 solid weeks of either being locked up in the steel cage or enduring hours of tease and denial by Your hand. I have been forced to satisfy You in many different ways – my tongue, fingers, using Strap on on You until You are completely spent, for example. The one way I have not been allowed to please You is with your cock I have not been allowed to enter You for the entire five weeks of chastity this time around. You have been hinting that You are seriously looking forward to Maybe Day, perhaps even more than I am.
I am tied spread eagle to the bed, unable to move my body more than an inch or two away from You. You started off teasing me slowly, torturing me by making me wait even longer for my reward. Then You began to seriously put your cock through its paces, causing me to writhe around the bed and beg You for mercy. I am exhausted and nearly out of breath. My attention snaps back to You, however, as You straddle my hips and bring the head of my cock to Your wet pussy.
You make me wait even for this, sliding the head up and down Your pussy lips as I moan in utter frustration. You slowly slide your cock inside, and I can’t hold back a gasp as your cock is surrounded by Your warm, soft wetness. I want to thrust up into You, but¬†I am held¬†down¬†by Your weight on my hips. Your pussy pulses and squeezes around me; I shudder as even that smallest amount of sensation begins to bring me closer to orgasm.
The pulsing of Your pussy stops as you reach to the side of the bed and grab you phone. “Oh baby, I almost forgot,” You casually remark,¬†“I got an email from Adam a few days ago. He wanted you to read this, but you seem to be a little ‘tied up’ at the moment, so I figured I would read it to you.”
You then start to read the email from Adam. He writes how He loved the pics of Your beautiful tits, and how sexy You sounded as You moaned as I fucked You with the strap on and You came over and over. He got so horny that He fucked His wife in much the same way, making her moan and feeling her pussy flutter around His cock. He says I should know that it felt amazing to fuck a wet horny pussy nice and hard like that, and it’s too bad that¬†I could only use a plastic cock on You while your cock thobbed away, locked away and lonely, unable to feel anything. He fucked her good; He ended up pulling out, stroking His cock hard and fast, and shooting a huge load of cum all over her stomach.
“I bet you’d like to jerk that cock and cum nice and hard all over me like that, huh?” You ask me. I nod, unable to speak. “Yeah, I know you would. I bet it would be a huge load, too. Over five weeks worth of cum backed up in those balls… it would probably be a lot more cum than this, you think?”
You turn the phone around and show me a photo of Adam’s cock, His hand wrapped around the shaft, and puddles of cum on what I assume is his wife’s stomach. He sent you a pic of His cum, prompted by the pics and videos I sent him for the explicit reason of getting off to. And now you are showing me the result as you hold you cock firmly in place inside your pussy.
I instictively thrust upward at You, but You hold me down.
“Nuh uh,” You say. “You be a good boy now. Looks like Adam enjoyed the presents you sent him! You owe him a thank you. I think a nice thank you gift would be to allow him to take your next orgasm from you on your next Maybe Day, five weeks from now…. he gets to cum, you don’t. What do you think?”
I’m speechless, unable to even think at the moment.
“Yes, that sounds just wonderful. When you write him a thank you email, you will tell him about the arrangement and how you won’t be cumming for just about 4 months because he is enjoying your presents so much.” You then begin to rise up off of my cock.
I begin to panic… what the??? Why are you not making me cum?
Then my brain does the math….
Five weeks from now, Adam will get to cum instead of me. I will have to wait five weeks after that, a total of ten,¬†until I get to cum. But it has been five weeks already…
“Ah yes, my boy. You are realizing it now, yes? Adam took your orgasm this time around, too. He got to pump his cum nice and good, stealing your chance to empty those balls deep into my pussy… and you didn’t even know it! That must be so frustrating!”
Tears are beginning to well in my eyes as your cock begins to throb desperately, looking for any type of sensation in order to cum.
“Poor baby. I know this is hard for you, but it’s turning me on so much. In fact, I have to go get myself off, now! Hey look…. now just about EVERYBODY is getting to cum except for you!” You lean over and kiss my cheek as I let out a soft sob. “I’m going to head downstairs. I hope you can get yourself soft by the time I come back upstairs so I can lock you back up again.”
You walk to the door, turning back just before You turn out the light.
“I’ll try to keep it down so you don’t get too frutstrated up here,” You say with a wink.
You turn the lights off as I am left to deal with my ever increasing frustration. I eventually drift off to sleep to the sounds of Your moans as you cum for the third (or possibly fourth?) time….