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There was an excellent comment on my last post that was absolutely spot on, and perfectly describes one of the best things about male chastity.

chastityfemdom writes:

now that we have PIV so much less, when it happens (or rather when Mistress R lets it happen) we both enjoy it a lot more than we used to, when it was just an ‘everyday’ thing. Guy’s who don’t live this way really don’t appreciate how good it feels to be inside a nice wet pussy, or how it feels to hear ‘I want you to cum inside me’.

Thanks for the comment, Rob! And yes, I 100% agree with you!

When I’ve been locked up for a good amount of time, the feeling of My Lady’s warm wet pussy squeezing and gripping my hard cock is just fucking amazing. That’s not to say it doesn’t always feel great – because it does – but it’s a little extra special when I’ve been denied for so long.

It’s almost like tasting your first dessert after you’ve been on a strict diet for weeks. Sure, a brownie is a nice treat no matter what day of the week you eat it, but it’s beyond delicious if you haven’t had one for quite some time.

So, yes, male chastity is about submission and control and all of those things we talk about… but one of the bonuses of male chastity is that first taste of sex when you’ve been on a “pussy diet” for so long.