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Haha I just love alliteration! Yes this post gets two titles because I couldn’t decide and I liked them both – I’m a dork! 🙂

The other night was so wonderful. I made a pretty yummy dinner that we haven’t had in a while. After dinner we got the kids moving on some bedtime stuff and at 8pm they were off to bed and cagedmonkey and I had the night to spend together. While I was getting the kids tucked in, hubby was following the rules and removing the clothing from his body. Now that it is getting warmer again he is to go back to following the “no clothes when the kids aren’t around” rule. We keep our house so cold in the winter that I changed the rule a bit. It was so lovely to walk back into the living room to see his sexy naked body and that cage hanging there. It really is such a beautiful thing.

After a bit of a fight with the Xbox we managed to get a movie on to watch. We’d been waiting to see Interstellar since it came out but we didn’t have a babysitter. Last night was the first chance we had together to rent it and spend 3 hours watching it. It was an ok movie but I’m not quite sure what the hype was about. Anyway, I’m not here to give a movie review. I’m here to talk about what happened after the movie!

During the movie I kept rubbing my feet on cagedmonkey and pushing on his cage to remind him just how much I control him. At one point I mentioned to him to take off his cage and he didn’t hesitate. Wee actually did want to see the movie so I didn’t really start any major penis tormenting until after. When I did I dragged it out for a straight 45 mins. Which actually isn’t that long since I typically go about 2 hours sometimes when I tease him.

After the movie I told him we should continue our night in bed. Once we got in the bedroom I started stroking his cock, massaging his balls and getting him amazingly hard. He’s so fucking horny now that he’s been denied 2 and a half months. You know I just love the moans and whimpers out of him when I tease and deny his cock. Seriously I can’t even tell you how amazing it sounds and how arousing it is. Just writing about it and thinking about it right now is making my pussy quiver.

So for the next 45 minutes I did not stroke him fast and edge him over and over like I normally do. I spent those 45 minutes sloooooooowly stroking his cock, uuuuuuup and dooooowwwwwwn, soooooooooo slowly. I could hear the torture in his moans. Just up and down so slowly over and over without stopping. Yes, I have quite the stamina in my arms after teasing him at length like this for almost two years. I’ve also been at teasing his cock in one way or another for close to 15 years.

I really do enjoy feeling him in my hands, knowing that it’s pretty much my movements that control him. My stroking that controls his pleasure or his torment. My stroking that could end the torture and make him shot that hot load right up his stomach. I bet there would be so much right now too. I just continued to stroke, though, teasing him and holding him just under the edge, never really getting him there. Stroking, so slow. Using just my fingers at times to stroke his head and tease him, barely hitting that wonderful sweet spot on the underside that makes him jump and squirm.
One of the ways I tease and stroke cagedmonkey’s cock is to lay my hand flat on his belly, the base of his shaft nuzzled between my thumb and index finger. I gently put pressure on his pubic bone while I stroke him. His reaction makes me believe this gives him a more intense feeling but I suppose I should ask him. I know that it does something to him because there are times I will just place my hand there, on top of “mound” as I affectionately call it, and he will buck his hips and whimper out and “oh God.” As if he’s expecting something intense.

I very much enjoy teasing my boys cock. It really turns me on. It makes my pussy quivery and wet. Just writing about teasing his cock makes me quiver, I love it!

Last night was the first of our two nights together and it was such a lovely night too. No, we didn’t get all naughty kinky crazy sexual, we just enjoyed watching tv and being close. Cagedmonkey was locked right up until we went to bed. I actually wasn’t going to unlock him because I wanted to build his frustration. Then just as he was getting in bed I told him to take off his cage, just in case. 🙂

Since we only get two precious nights together naked in bed, I cherish those times. Last night, as we lay there completely naked, our warm skin pressing together, I thought about how horny I was for him. I thought about making love to him, about feeling him in that amazing way. Then I thought about how incredibly frustrating it must be to finally be unlocked and laying naked together. How bad he must have wanted to be in my warm pussy. I love to increase his horniness, to tease him and make him want me desperately.

I can just imagine how bad he was aching to be with me as we lay there, his cock hard against the soft skin of my ass. Not to mention those times I woke in the middle of the night to run my hands on his body. Those times I trailed my fingers over his skin, around his sexy hips to tickle, tease and fondle his cock.

Not sure how many times I can say it but I really, really, really do love being a cocktease.

I really do love that we can go from intense fantasy-like sexual times to very sensual loving more vanilla-like times. I love that I can be with and enjoy my husband this way. It wasn’t always like this. There was a time when I was anxious about any amount of affection because the motive behind it was always sex, sex, sex. It’s just not that way with us when I’m in control. We have much more sex than we ever have and much more intense sex. It really is an amazing thing.

Tonight… I can’t say, is going to be as sensual or as vanilla because I’ve only been up for 2 hours and my pussy is aching in my panties right now. I’m aching to feel him, to be with him, to cum good and hard on him.

What is a cocktease?

(n.) A Cock Tease is a woman who, from the male perspective, acts in a sexual manner with the intention of seducing a man, but without actually fulfilling the expected sexual actions.

(V.) To purposely become enticing to a male to the point of giving him a hardon, or in most cruel cases, blue balls, with no intention of follow through.

While looked at as a bad thing by some men, this is hot and exciting to those who realize the build up to orgasm is the best part of the sexual experience.

Being a cock tease comes naturally to me. I have always loved the act of seducing a man, the lead in, that build up of sexual tension. I have always been fantastic at it. It’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s a major turn on and a huge ego booster knowing that I can turn a guy on and get his cock rock hard. It’s especially hot if I can do that with my words or how I look or act. Turning a guy on and getting him hard to the point of frustration without even touching him really makes me feel powerful and in those moments, I am. I have complete control over the guy who is dangling from my sexual marionette strings. So, yes, I LOVE being a cocktease. <3

Now that I am married to a sweet, sexy submissive man who thrives on tease and orgasm denial, I get to live in that adrenaline rush from teasing a guy past the point of frustration. I get to enjoy that wonderful place of submission, that place where he is a puppet on my strings… waiting, wanting and needing me. That place where he craves me in every way, desires my attention and begs for my touch.

Having my man in chastity heightens that whole cocktease scenario. Locking your man’s cock in a cage holds that level of frustration, it keeps that feeling of arousal at a high without the let down of an orgasm. I love that I tease my husband all day, every day and keep him at the highest height of arousal possible. I know every woman out there loves when her guy is attentive, loving and romantic. When her guy is in that spot at the beginning of a relationship where he is constantly wooing her, telling her how he feels about her, how he loves her, how he wants her and how she turns him on. You know what I’m talking about, all those things a guy does just to get in your pants. It’s those things that make us women fall in love with you and desire you. Sure there are other things but, come on, you know when you are attentive and romantic to your Lady she wants you more sexually. The more a man caresses a woman emotionally, the more desire she has for him sexually.

The reason I wanted to write this post was because last night after cagedmonkey left for work I sat… alone… completely losing my horny feelings. My pussy just wasn’t all that wet anymore and my smile faded and so did those good feelings of being wanted and desired. My constant feelings of arousal were dissipating. I woke up this morning feeling disappointed because I wasn’t feeling that crazy horny feeling anymore.

I will say that I started to tingle when I got that morning text message:

Hey baby 🙂
How are you on this lovely lovely wonderful most awesomest morning, my sweet sensational love?

Eeeeeee! It only got better when the first thing that happened when he walked in the door was him stopping mid sentence to say:

Oh my God you look beautiful this morning.

Without another word or even putting his stuff down, he came over to me, put his hand around the back of my neck and kissed me as I was trying to tell him welcome home.

Seriously? Uhhhhhhhgh! That was that, my pussy got that warm tingly feeling inside and I knew I was instantly getting wet. I realized that my constant horny, crazy, neediness is fueled by my husband. It’s catapulted into the air and soars when I am with him. When he is stroking my emotions, petting them gently, he is causing a physical reaction in me. I love it more than I could possibly explain in words.

Boys, I can’t say it enough… never, never ever ever stop “dating” your Lady. Don’t ever, ever ever ever, stop “trying to get in her pants” – EMOTIONALLY! She will think you’re irresistible! She will want you, desire youand want to please you sexually more often.