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After my most recent post, many people commented and had questions about my experience. One of our Twitter followers had an interesting question.

Puppy Lix asked:

Have you noticed any changes to your cock in long term chastity?

Most of the time, this question is really asking, “Does chastity make your cock shrink?” I’m pretty sure that my cock still fills up ML’s pussy nice and good, but you’d have to ask her to be certain. 😉

But I’m not sure if Puppy Lix means this specifically, so I will mention the few minor “changes” that I notice after a long term chastity stint.

1) Skin elasticity: I do notice that I can feel the stretch of my skin for the first couple of days after being unlocked; it feels almost like a soreness in my skin. It’s not as strong of a feeling that I used to get, but it’s still there.

2) Sensitivity: my cock is VERY sensitive to the touch for the first few days after. Even during my shower, my legs were getting kinda wobbly from the feeling of being touched… and I wasn’t even doing anything sexual!

3) “Injuries”: No, they aren’t anything major, but sometimes things happen. The most common thing that happens to be is either tiny cracks in my skin (probably due to the loss of skin elasticity), or skin irritations (in places where the cage has been in contact with my skin for prolonged periods). If left unchecked, they could get serious, but they are easy to deal with.

The good thing is that none of these “changes” are permanent – they all go away within a few days, or a week at most. So I would have to honestly say yes, there are changes that happen during long term chastity… but the changes last less than the chastity itself did.

(First off, apologies for the lack of posting lately; it’s been very busy here at the LMnC household getting ready for the upcoming move)


It’s so interesting how chastity has changed my life.

I never thought that seeing dents in my cock would make me feel sexy, but they do. I love the look of the marks that my chastity cage leaves on me after I take it off. It reminds me that, even though I might be unlocked, My Lady still owns my cock. She still controls it, whether it’s free from confinement or underneath steel bars. The effect is still there.

It was truly fortunate that My Lady found chastity and decided to give it a try. That decision changed so many things in our lives for the better – our sex life improved, along with our emotional bonds with each other. It’s a part of our lives that we would never take away.


It kind of reminds me of my chastity tattoo. It has become one of my favorites that I have, for that reason – it symbolizes the choice I made to turn control of my sexuality over to ML. She chose the design, she chose the location, and I accepted it… and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

It’s so perfect, sometimes I think to myself: were we destined for this? Is this exactly how we were meant to be with each other? Were we fortunate, or was this situation blissfully unavoidable?

When I get thoughts like these, I can’t help but think of my “chastity scar.”


That right there, is where the base ring of my chastity cage sits. It’s very faint, but you can see the skin is raised very slightly and barely discolored. It’s not a major injury or anything, it doesn’t even hurt or cause discomfort. It’s the result of my fairly large cock struggling against the bars and ring of my chastity cage. I never really expected it to happen, but now it’s a part of me.

It’s funny how chastity has changed me – from the “in the moment” feelings, to the changes I hoped would occur, and even those changes that I never could have expected. It’s also amazing how pretty much all of these changes are for the better.


If you’ve been following along here on our journey you probably recall that cagedmonkey did the whole job hunting thing recently. Since we haven’t taken the time to post about all of the changes going on here, I thought I’d do that now.

A couple months ago now cagedmonkey started looking for a new job. For the past, almost, 4 years he’s been working midnights and furthering his education so that he could advance his career. Unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity for him to advance at his current place of employment so he had to look elsewhere. Well a few weeks ago he did just that. He accepted a position for a supervisor job making more money and working on a day shift! So amazing! I’m super happy about that because that means I get cagedmonkey back in my bed every night! 🙂 This wasn’t an easy thing for cagedmonkey. He’s been at his job for over 12 years and he loves where he works. This is a positive change and a wonderful opportunity.


What all that means is that we are relocating this whole production from New York to West Virginia! We will be on the east side of WV near the Virginia border. If you’re near there, please let us know, we really do love meeting new friends! First we will be dealing with all of this funeral stuff and then we will be busting some booty to pack up this apartment and move two and a half weeks after that.

As I mentioned yesterday about how we might have less posts coming up soon, I realized that it might be a little longer than that with a lull because of this move. Soon the toys will be packed away – certainly not the Chastity Cage haha – and we will have a lot less time for play but we will do our best to keep you up on the happenings around here. I certainly have no intentions of not teasing the hell out of CM over the course of all this. 🙂