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Yesterday, Cagedmonkey and I were chatting while he was at work and, of course, I was teasing him and getting him all kinds of excited and turned on. One of the things I love most is teasing him with pics and video while he is not with me – usually that means he’s at work – and getting him all tight in his cage. It’s such an incredible turn on for me to know that even being 40 miles apart I can still make his dick (attempt to be) hard and get him horny for me.

Yesterday was lots of fun as I sent him some hot pics and video of me all soapy in the shower. He really loved it. Just to share a little of what I sent him, I was sending him pictures like this, today:
And this…
Not only was I sending him pictures but we started talking about the things we were wanting. A little bit of fantasizing together, which is something I absolutely love about our communication. We both know it’s not our responsibility to force things to make fantasies happen but the fact that we talk about sex with each other gives us the opportunity to make those fantasies real if we want!

If you’ve followed along on our journey you we have the doggy style Stockade and recently got a new hood. Well, CM and I started talking about how much we miss the extreme side of bondage and having the time (and space!) to do it. I mentioned to him that I was wearing his pants yesterday without panties. I told him I was sure that they were going to smell like my pussy and how I was going to make him wear them when he got home, which I did. πŸ™‚ That kinda kicked things into gear and we started talking about how wet my panties get and how hot it would be if I was to gag him with my potent panties and lock him in the new hood. To make things worse I could have him locked in the stockade, with the vibrating buttplug in, leaving it until his prostate milked all over the floor. We talked about how incredibly frustrating it would be if I were to remove the hood (while he thinks I’m giving him a break) and I cover his face with more of my juices by cumming on him and then putting the hood right back on and leaving him like that longer. Not knowing when it would truly end because I’d just tell him I didn’t think he’d been milked enough. Maybe he wasn’t empty so we had to keep going until I felt like he was done. We talked about adding white noise headphones to completely take away his senses… Except the ones being forced to smell and taste my pussy.

Shortly after, he told me about how he was getting tight in his cage and sent me a picture to prove it. Of course all the squeezing from the cage and the horny talk gave him some nice wet with precum underwear! Yuuummmmmmy!
I really do love seeing that bulge and knowing that I’m the one that caused it. I really do get off on being a cocktease! πŸ™‚

Perhaps I should just leave it at the title? Haha

Today, I have my “I’m going to drive you so fucking crazy teasing you” hat on. Cagedmonkey got home a bit late from work so he didn’t end up going to sleep until about 10am. He’s just in there for a nap for a few hours since his surgery is at the butt crack of dawn. It might even be before the butt crack but it’s early anyway! This morning he had an interview for a promotion at work and was wearing a pair of dress pants. They crowd the cage and rather then have hubby grabbing at and adjusting his crotch in front of his bosses the entire time I ok’d him taking off his cage.

I went to tuck him in for this lovely little nap and figured he’d sleep really well after a good tease. Since I’d already had him out of the cage I decided to fill myself fill of his nice big cock. He actually hasn’t been inside me in days and I’ve cum quite a few times since he was allowed. That meant I was extremely tight when I went to slide down onto him. So tight it almost hurt to stretch my pussy, feeling all of him fill me up as I pushed down onto his lap.

I slowly lifted and lowered myself over and over again on him. Teasing his cock, going faster and faster edging him and then stopping. Again slowly teasing and squeezing him as I went up and down. Edging and stopping over and over as I rode him. I really wasn’t in the mood to cum but as I was there riding his cock there, staring me in the face on the shelf in our headboard was the Aeronos.

I told him to turn over because I was going to stuff his ass just I case I wanted to use it later it would be ready for me. I straddled his ass with my juicy wet pussy covering his cheeks. I rubbed myself all over his perfect little bum. I used my own horny sloppy pussy to lube the aeronos and I pushed it between his butt cheeks. Setting it just against his tight opening I began simulating pegging him. I pushed my hips against his but as I slid it in and out with my hand. One last hard trust towards his ass and I pushed it the whole way in.

Then I rubbed my clit on his ass, as if I was pegging him, and gave myself a nice big orgasm. My pussy was a dripping sloppy mess so I slid myself all over his butt, up his back, rubbing my juices all over him. When I had gotten to his head I told him to turn over and clean up his mess. He did and I covered him chin to forehead in my delicious goo. I climbed off of him and walked out of the room and left him to sleep, covered in me, my wetness, my scent, all over him.