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One of our Tumblr followers (tumblers?) asked the following question:

How do you find the Jailbird? Was it worth the money?”

Rather than be all, “Go check out my Jailbird review post,” I decided to answer this a little more directly. Whether I like the device is not quite the same as whether or not it’s worth the price tag.

Is the JB worth the money? Short answer: yes. Long answer: yes, if you are using it for more lengthy chastity periods.

The Jailbird’s most value comes from its long term durability. It’s literally as strong as steel; as long as you don’t attack it with a blowtorch (not recommended, especially when in use), your device should hold up fine. Issues with cracking and/or breaking that come with the territory with other devices are non-existent with the JB. Cleaning maintenance is also a breeze – you can scrub it, soak it in soap and water, or you can even throw it in the dishwasher!

The one situation where I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the JB is in the case of casual or short term chastity sessions. If you are only wearing your chastity device for a few hours at a time, you can get the same results with a CBX or a BON4 at a more affordable price. It’s a lot like bowling – if you’re just hanging out and having fun, you can use an alley ball; if you join a competitive weekly league, you might want to get your own equipment.

And yes, I purposely used an analogy involving “balls” and “equipment” to make a comparison to chastity.