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So you might have read about the Unexpectedness of the last couple days. We had a very big scare but I did my best to stay calm, I did my research as always and then tried to get a handle on cagedmonkey’s anxiety.

Well one thing I can say about this is that I have now expanded my knowledge and that it something I just love doing!

So have you ever experienced blood in your semen? Well that’s called Hematospermia. It’s often seen as no big deal, blood in the ejaculate can scare the shit out of the men who experience it and their partners. The condition is common, and many times it can go unnoticed because most times ejaculation are, well, in a vagina. In most patients with hematospermia, no further workup is needed; however, in some patients, hematospermia may be the first indicator of other urologic diseases.

Hematospermia can occur in males of any age. In men younger than 40, hematospermia is uniformly benign. Even in older men, it is rarely associated with malignancy. In cases of blood in the semen with no other symptoms, is referred to as self-limited.

Most patients have more than one episode, occurring over weeks to months. If there is blood in the ejaculate that lasts for more than 10 ejaculations it’s a good idea to see a doctor for an evaluation.

The physical examination should include measuring the patient’s blood pressure because severe high blood pressure is associated with hematospermia. While doctors do recognize this, it is unknown why exactly it occurs but it may have a similar basis to the association of hypertension with nosebleeds.

The etiology is not specifically known and isn’t understood well. Most commonly, it can be from nonspecific inflammation of the urethra, prostate and/or seminal vesicles. It can also come from broken blood vessels which could be cause by many different things.

Funny enough some of the reasons for self-limited hematospermia are:

Vigorous sex (well, yeah, after a month it can get rough)
Prolonged Sexual Abstinence (uhhh, hello chastity)
interrupted sex (I take that as edging/ruined orgasms)

The symptoms that can accompany blood in the semen may be any of the following, depending upon the cause (these are not all of them):

Painful urination
Pain with ejaculation
Blood in urine
Lower back pain
Tenderness in the testes and/or scrotum
Swelling in the testes and/or scrotum
Swelling or tenderness in the groin area

The primary treatment of hematospermia is to ease the anxiety of the guy it’s happening to. Hematospermia is rarely associated with significant pathology, especially in younger men. The 3 factors that dictate the extent of the evaluation and treatment include 1. patient age, 2. the duration and recurrence of the hematospermia, and 3. the presence of any associated hematuria.

Really what it comes down to is if you have blood in your semen with testicular pain, burning or pain with urination, fever, swelling or any other symptom it is a good idea to get to a doctor. If you have blood in your semen and you’re over 40 years you should see a doctor. If you have blood in your semen and no other symptoms at all you are likely ok to wait it out a few weeks (at least 10 ejaculations) to see if it clears up on its own. If it doesn’t clear up after that it’s best to see a doctor.

I’m glad I’m the kind of person to research the shit out of stuff. To understand what is going on before freaking out – most of the time! Even armed with this knowledge cagedmonkey and I made a decision together to have a “honeymoon” of sorts from the chastity device and the Tease & Denial.

I’m worried that many things contributed to this happening… things like a possible ill fitting base ring, 25 days of tease and denial, very intense teasing while in the cage, possibly too rough pegging… any of these things could have been a factor in making this happen. Then again, it could have been none of it and it just happened.

All I know is that I love my cagedmonkey and I’m going to do everything possible to keep him safe and healthy. He is my heart and soul and I’d be nothing without him.

There were plenty of surprises this weekend, both welcome and unwelcome. I’ll start at the beginning.

My Lady and I had a great time at the casino celebrating our wedding anniversary. We somehow managed NOT to lose all of our money, so I’m chalking that up as a win. On our way out of the casino, we stopped by the roulette table for “The Spin.”

My Lady chose the spin, and the ball was flung around the wheel, ready to randomly choose my fate. The ball bounced down to the number slots as I looked on, and I could see the ball beginning to settle. It was rolling between 0 and 32, back and forth… it seemed like it was torturing me!! Then…..

The roulette spinner picked the ball up and spun it again! I don’t know why a respin was called for – perhaps there was an improper bet or whatever, I don’t know all the rules to these games – but she flung the ball again for a new trip around the wheel. ML and I waited for the spin to stop…. and finally it landed on….


Another THIRTY days of denial for me!

But wait, that’s not the end of our story….

[Warning: possible graphic language and descriptions ahead, proceed with caution]

When we got home and dispatched of the babysitter, ML and I began to get intimate. She was gracious enough to give me an anniversary present and allowed me to make love to her and cum inside her. It didn’t take long in the slightest. It was WONDERFUL to finally get release after so long. We came together as she slowly rode on top of me. We ended up falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was so great. ML decided on giving me a short chastity honeymoon – most likely covering the holiday weekend, giving us Sunday night to enjoy ourselves and I would be locked back up for work Monday night.

Last night ML wanted to start things off by having me masturbate and shoot a nice big load all over my stomach – and, conveniently get a video of it to torture me with when I couldn’t masturbate later (she can be evil sometimes, I love it!). I stroked myself and was ready to cum pretty quickly, and in no time my cock was shooting warm pink cum all over my stomach…




I wasn’t even fully done with my orgasm before I started thinking, “Oh fuck, something is seriously wrong here.” I cleaned the blood-tinged cum off of me, as well as a “clot-like” thing that was on my hand…

[Hey, you come to this blog looking for honesty and no bullshit posts about male chastity, so you’re getting it. This is what happened. I’m sorry if it grosses, but real is real].

… and I promptly started freaking out. Why am I cumming blood? What is wrong with me? Do I need to go to the hospital? Am I going to explain to a doctor what ML and I have been up to? And why is the idea of confessing to a doctor scarier to me than the fact that there’s actually blood in my semen?

So yeah, the whole spirit of the honeymoon kinda died right there.

Since last night, ML and I have done some research (to come in an ML post, most likely later today), and the research has been comforting. There was no full on BLOOD in the semen, just a little tinge. We have found that it is quite normal (WTFHOWCOULDTHISBENORMAL?!?!?) and it’s nothing to be majorly concerned about unless I’m in pain, the problem continues or gets worse. We’ve decided to take a small break from chastity, possibly around a week or so. During this week, ML will most likely allow me to cum a few times, in part to see what happens, as well as to help “flush the pipes” so to speak.

I wish I didn’t have to go so far as cumming blood to get a week of free orgasms, but there you have it.