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Your fingertips tickle the bottom of my cock as it bobs in the air, searching for any type of sensation that will bring it over the edge. But you are fully in control, and you won’t give my cock the touches that it so desperately needs.

I am kneeling on the floor at the corner of the bed. You have tied my ankles together behind the foot of the bed and my wrists to the post above my head. You have also secured my chest to the post, and in my position I am unable to move or thrust my hips in any meaningful way. I am totally at your mercy, and you have spent the last hour or so enjoying it by relentlessly teasing me and edging me. Each time you touch my cock, my body shudders in anticipation and hope that you will finally make me cum. I have been dangling on the edge of orgasm for too long, and I only wish that there was something I could do to bring this torture to an end.

Every touch is a surprise due to the blindfold you have put over my eyes, keeping my senses in complete darkness. Your teasing fingers on my nipples make me gasp and my cock surges even harder, perhaps jealous of the attention my sensitive nipples are receiving. You have been kissing and licking my entire body, and I moan loudly each time your soft warm tongue touches my skin.

Your hands and lips leave my body, and quiet descends upon the room. Did you leave me here to stew in my own horniness? It wouldn’t be the first time you’ve done that. I didn’t hear you walk away, but I was breathing so heavy it would have been easy to miss.

Moments pass as my cock continues to throb in time with my heartbeat. Your teasing was so intense this time, barely giving me a moment in between edges for almost the entire time I’ve been tied here. Even in this moment of peace, I feel the incredible desire for an orgasm burning inside me.

I hear your footsteps as you walk back into the room. I feel you move in front of me, and suddenly your warm wet mouth surrounds my cock, sucking in the head with your tongue swirling around. I moan and I try to thrust forward, but the ropes hold me back. Your lips tighten around my shaft as you slowly pull your mouth back to the tip of my cock and slide forward again. As my cock sinks deeper into your mouth, I hear you whisper in my ear, “How does that feel, darling?”

“Wonderful, ma’am,” I reply, as…… wait…. what???

How are you whispering in my ear when my cock is in your mouth?!?!?!?

You chuckle; pretty much reading my mind, you say, “That’s right, darling, that’s someone else’s mouth on your cock right now. Once the shock settles in, I’m sure you’ll start wondering just who it could be….”

Of course, you are right – who could this possibly be? It’s hard to keep my thoughts straight as the tongue teases my poor defenseless cockhead. I try to wiggle free of the tickling, but I cannot.

“Hmmmm, who could possibly be sucking your big fat cock for me right now?”

It’s obviously someone we know, you wouldn’t allow this with anyone you didn’t fully trust. And it seems as though it’s someone who is well aware of my denial state, as they are trying to avoid pushing me too close to cumming.

“Here’s the fun part, darling – I am not going to give you any hints at all. I want you to be completely clueless as to who this is right now. As far as I’m concerned, it’s just a mouth – a mouth that I am using to tease the fuck out of you and blow your mind.”

Well, it’s definitely working. My mind is being pulled in what feels like fifteen different directions, but I very quickly start to associate the blowjob with the fact that this is YOU doing this to me. It may be another person physically touching me, but this is your plan, your teasing. The blowjob is just a conduit for you to tease me in ways I would almost never expect, and it’s making the tease even worse than it was before.

“So, here’s what I want,” you say. “I want to see just how bad my earlier teasing was for you to endure. I want to see just how badly you need to cum. In order to do that, I’m going to allow you to cum right now… but only if you want to.”

Ummm, why wouldn’t I want to?

“I want to see if I’ve made you so desperate to cum that you are willing to cum in a stranger’s mouth without even knowing who it is.”

Oh God…. my chest gets tight and I can’t breathe for a moment. What am I supposed to do?

“And don’t worry about me being upset. I put you in this position on purpose, this is what I want. If you want to cum that badly, I won’t be angry. In fact, it’s really MY fault for making you that desperate in the first place.”

Fuck, I can’t breathe.

“Think about it, though….  you must be so badly teased and needy and desperate to even be considering cumming in someone’s mouth without knowing a thing about them. Who they are, what they look like… you don’t have a clue, and this person is going to find out what your cum tastes like.”

You’re right…. after all of these surprises, now I honestly have no clue who it could be.

“It could be someone from the neighborhood, it could be someone you know from work…….”

Do I really need to cum this badly?

“Hell, I never even said it was a woman….”


“That’s right, darling…. I think I’ve made it clear – you don’t know a thing about this person. Like I said, it’s just a mouth. A warm, wet mouth that is willing to accept your load of cum. Are you that horribly desperate that you are willing to cum like this, in what is pretty much just a hole? You’d have to be almost dying of need to say yes to that….”

You’re right, I would…. “someone” is going to make me cum with their mouth. Am I that desperate to not care about who it is, or even what it is, just that I’m going to cum? Is that the only detail that matters to me at this moment?

“I’ll tell you one thing, though, this person is very good at following instructions; I can tell that they have been keeping you close to the edge this whole time without making you cum…. isn’t that right?”

You are driving me insane with the level of control you have over me right now.

“Such a slutty little cocksucker, too, ass is all pointed up in the air… so naughty.” I hear a smack and the mouth on my cock lurches forward. The person sucking my cock moans from your spank, and it vibrates my cock. I can’t help but shudder in response to the added stimulation.

“You really should see this… Oh, sorry darling, you can’t. You’ll just have to imagine it…”

Godddddddd, what the fuck do I do????

“Remember, darling, I wouldn’t put you in any position I wouldn’t want you in. I want this. I want you to be so bad off that you are willing to do this, because that means I made you that way. I teased you so badly that you just need to fucking cum and you don’t care how. So, what will it be darling? Do you want to cum for me?”

To say yes, it would mean than an orgasm is the most important thing in the world to me right now. I have want to cum so badly that I am willing to put aside anything else – no cares about who, what, when, where or how, and just cum. I’m scared to admit it….

“Yes,” I whimper.

“What was that?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“So just to be clear: I’ve turned you into such a cum-needy slut that you are willing to cum in this stranger’s mouth right here, regardless of who it could be? Have I tortured you that badly and made you THAT fucking horny?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

“Okay, then…. make him cum.”

I swear I can hear a devious smile in your voice, but I am quickly distracted by the increasing pace of the mouth moving up and down my cock. God, can I really do this? Can I really cum into the mouth of a stranger? The mouth is so warm and wet, and I need an orgasm so badly. Should I stop this? Am I having second thoughts?

No…. I want this. Actually, I’m beyond want… I need this. You’ve driven me insane and all I care about is cumming right now….

A few milliseconds before my mind blowing orgasm begins, the mouth releases my cock removes all sensation. I cry out in frustration as I hang on the edge of cumming. Seconds pass as I fight the impending ruined orgasm, which I know will be even more frustrating than all of the edges before it. I try and try to hold back, squeezing and grinding my teeth, trying as hard as I can to hold onto the orgasm I so badly want to experience in full….

I can only hold back for so long, and I’m beginning to lose my grip…

Just before I feel like I might have a handle on it, the tongue gives the undershaft of my cock one quick lick from base to tip. That does it – I lose my focus and I topple roughly over the edge. My cock pulses and throbs in the air, experiencing a ruined orgasm so frustrating that it’s almost painful. I’m nearly crying as I feel the pleasure of the orgasm slipping away.

“See?” you say, laughing. “Like I said – VERY good at following instructions.”

I can feel the cum dribbling out of my cock and down the shaft of my cock, almost like tears of frustration in defeat.

“I did say that they were going to taste your cum, though….”

Suddenly, the mouth is back on my cock, sucking hard and vacuuming the cum out from inside of me. It’s almost like post-orgasm torture, and I cry out as I try to escape with absolutely no success. I just have to endure it until you allow it to stop.

Thankfully, the post-orgasm torture only lasts for a few seconds before the mouth leaves my cock. I hear the two of you moving and getting ready to leave the room, but first you whisper in my ear, “That’s my good boy.” I can’t help but smile.

As you move to the door, I call out to you, “Ma’am? Who was it?”

“You’ll never know.”

The “no look/no touch” rules have been in effect for a week now, and I’m really starting to miss the fuck out of my cock. This morning before I went to sleep, My Lady wanted to feel my cock inside her. She cuffed me to the bed, had me close my eyes (for convienence), and climbed on top of my cock. God, her pussy felt so fucking good.

My Lady left me cuffed during her cock ride, driving me crazy holding and squeezing her tits and teasing me with them. She bounced and rocked on my cock, being careful not to get too carried away and accidentally drive me to orgasm. When it came time for ML to get hers, she sat down on my cock taking me fully inside her. She then rubbed her clit fast, reaching orgasm in a matter of seconds. She looked directly into my eyes as she came, her pussy clenching my cock tightly. I couldn’t help but moan loudly from the intensity of the physical sensations and the dominant eye contact she was making; my body lurched upward in an uncontrollable bodygasm.

When ML was finished using me for her pleasure, she covered me with the blanket so I could not see my cock, and left me cuffed to the bed so I couldn’t touch (or move the blanket). Giving me instructions not to “hump the mattress” (I may have had she told me not to!), she left me to find a way to get to sleep. I could feel my rock hard cock underneath the blankets, finally free of the cage yet I was unable to enjoy even the sight of it. It took quite a while for me to get to sleep. When ML came upstairs later to release me, I was soft enough for her to put the Revenge back on.

So it has officially been a full week since I have last seen my cock, or even had the opportunity to touch it. My Lady has hinted that she may bring an end to it this weekend and allow me to see and perhaps even touch my cock. I’m hoping that she chooses to have mercy on me with this. She has been able to enjoy the sight of my hard cock while I have had to go without. Just one more thing that she gets and I don’t.

Because of this morning’s events, I was not able to post about what happened last night after my bath until now. I can’t really complain, though. 😉

My Lady is truly enjoying using the hood to torment me and isolate me from my own penis. After my bath, My Lady decided that she wanted to have some time with her toy. She sat me on the couch, cuffed my hands behind my back, and pulled the hood over my head. Then I felt her unlocking my cage once again, and my cock sprang free in an instant. God, that first moment of freedom feels SO FUCKING GOOD. Then I felt ML climbing up on the couch to straddle me.

She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her pussy, slightly teasing herself with my cock. After a few moments, she took me inside her pussy, sliding down all the way until her ass was on my thighs. She started to bounce slowly up and down, careful not to stimulate me too much too fast… it has been about a week since I last had an orgasm, so I’m pretty much on a hair trigger right now. I could hear her moaning as she rode my cock. It felt so wonderful to be inside her again.

Then I felt something being rubbed against my face in the hood. My Lady was rubbing her huge, soft titties against my face. I immediately started to groan in frustration. See, I absolutely LOVE to watch ML play with her tits while I fuck her, especially when she is on top. They are absolutely a perfect sight to see, but now I was being deprived of this treat. I wanted to see them. I needed to see them. But I was not allowed. She continued rubbing her tits against me as she fucked against me.

My Lady slowed her pace down and let my cock slip out of her pussy. The I felt her reach down and grab my cock, holding it upright as she pushed her hips down towards me. Then I felt my cockhead pressing against My Lady’s tight asshole. She was going to take my cock in her ass using only her pussy juice as lube. It was a good thing she was so wet and horny, because I slid inside without much difficulty.  🙂

It was even more difficult holding off my orgasm with ML’s tight ass squeezing my cock. I wanted nothing more than to fill her ass up with my huge load of cum, but I obeyed like a good boy should. After a few minutes of ass fucking, I felt My Lady hold still and begin rubbing her clit. She was going to cum with my cock in her ass. Oh….. my….. God…..

She came hard. Her ass clenched around the base of my cock, and I had to fight hard not to cum along with her. Every molecule of my body wanted it, but I was not allowed. She rocked back and forth, thrusting my cock in and out of her ass as she continued to cum. It lasted about twenty seconds before her ass released its grip on my cock.

I was still not allowed to see my cock, even after my remarkable performance in holding off my orgasm for My Lady. She cleaned me off and left me cuffed and hooded on the couch. She sat back to watch some TV until my cock got soft enough to go back in the Revenge. In it went, and off came the cuffs and the hood.

So… My Lady seems to be getting her fill of whatever she wants, while I am left desiring what I cannot have. Is there anything better than this?  🙂


Now that I have had time to grow accustomed to the enclosed style of the Revenge, My Lady has decided to step things up to the next level. She wants me to truly feel as if my cock has been isolated from myself. What does this mean for me?

It means I won’t get to touch or even see my cock again until My Lady allows it.

We have talked about this for a while, and it’s a very exciting idea for both of us. My cock will stay locked in the Revenge, out of touch and out of sight (the Jailbird’s open style allowed me to see and touch my cock, just not get hard). When ML wants to take her toy out and play, or removes the device to perform shaving/cleaning/other types of maintenance, I will be blindfolded and cuffed or otherwise restrained. There will not be a moment when my cock is out and my hands and eyes are free, and vice versa.

(Caveat: My Lady is going to do her best to fulfill this, but due to her shoulder still not being 100% she may need a minimal amount of help from me. The spirit of the idea will still be followed as much as possible)

I really don’t know how I’m going to be affected by this.

These rules have only been in effect for the last day or so, so it hasn’t had a chance to really set in yet. ML hasn’t had to remove the cage yet, so I haven’t had a “see no penis, feel no penis” episode so far. But when that first one comes, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be mind blowing. Will I feel like it’s not even mine anymore, since I can’t see it or touch it? My Lady will truly be in control of my cock during that time, and I will fully depend on her for any sensation I would receive.

How bad will it get? My Lady knows I have a tendency to try bargaining when I’m really desperate. Will I begin to bargain just for a glimpse of my cock? What will I be willing to give up for it?

I can’t wait to find out!