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Happy Birthday to my amazing boy! Since last night I’ve been thinking a lot about how I’ve watched cagedmonkey grow as a person. We’ve been together almost half of his life. We met when he was 19 and still very much a boy. I have watched him grow up into this amazing man who I love more and more every day. He’s come so far and hurled lots of challenges and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

So happy birthday to my sexy monkey boy! I’m so happy and blessed to be your wife!


Of course hubby’s birthday brings with it so many thoughts in my head. I mentioned a few things to him this morning while tucking him in. I would love to cuff his wrists to his ankles, put on my strap on and look into his eyes while I take him slowly and lovingly. I know the best birthday gift for him would be for me to use him and take him entirely how I want to. I thought about how intense it would be for him to feel me staring deep into his soul, slowly penetrating him, while I stroke his cock and make him shoot a load of hot cum all over his stomach.

It’s too bad we don’t have the time to do that tonight, because he works, but I did tell him I’m looking forward to making that a reality on the weekend! I want him so bad!

In the mean time, happy birthday boobies!


Today was supposed to be cagedmonkey’s surgery, for the second time. If you’ve been reading you know how that turned out. A lot has happened this week, actually a lot has happened to us in the past two weeks, some good, some bad. We’ve actually managed to get in a little play and sexy teasy time even though, emotionally, things have been up and down.

It all started with finding out cagedmonkey had ridiculously high blood pressure and him ending up in the emergency room. Since that time we’ve cancelled and rescheduled and cancelled his surgery again. We’ve had him at the cardiologist, started him on two meds and scheduled him for loads of testing to try to find out the cause of his high blood pressure. Wish us luck there, the doctors are semi confused!

We’ve had to put our almost 15 year old cat to sleep. She was an amazing girl. CM found her when she was 3 weeks old, half dead, behind his work. He brought her home to me and when we took her to the vet we were told, “don’t get too attached, there’s no way she’s going to make it!” I nursed her back to health and Ha! She proved them wrong and lived a long healthy 15 years. Nah nah! She was our first “baby,” together so it’s been pretty hard on both of us. I’m so happy that cagedmonkey got to hold her and tell her we loved her as she drifted off to heaven.
Now, not only did we experience disappointment and heartache, we did get some happy moments! We got to take care of hubby’s blood pressure so he didn’t have a stroke on the operating table. He started meds which seem to really be helping his blood pressure and his numbers are looking way better! We also got to celebrate our little guy’s 7th birthday yesterday. It turned out to be an awesome day for all of us. We had fun birthday shopping, having dinner and some frozen yogurt. After such a long day the kids even decided to hold off on birthday cake until today so we still get a little more celebration tonight!

I’ve written before about the “roller coaster of life” and this is just more on that bumpy road. Life has ups and downs, sometimes for us, those all cram themselves into a very short time but we survive and come out stronger on the other side. And now this weekend (our weekend is Sunday/Monday) cagedmonkey and I hope to get in some playtime. I must say I’m absolutely loving how touchy-feely, crazy-for-me, horny hubby is. I’m walking around with super wet panties because he can’t keep his hands off of me. I love hearing how horny he is, how bad he needs and wants to cum, how he wishes he could drop to his knees and please me! Mmm, deliciousness!

I just want to thank the “Chastity Gods” that found a way to bring this into our lives because without it, I think, we both would fall into a depression, our intimacy would suffer and ultimately our lacking sex life would cause huge amounts of resentment in our relationship – oh wait, been there and done that! Yeah… I’m so glad we found this amazing way to keep things fresh and hot, even during these emotional roller coaster rides that we certainly did not get in line for!

I have this whole PTSD thing around the holidays and my birthday. In the past things always seem to happen on the holidays or surrounding them, whatever. Not good, happy things but icky usually bad things. Stuff like being in the emergency room on morphine with a kidney stone, people dying to feeling like the entire world forgot I was born.

Over the past almost two years since hubby and I made the decision to repair and renew our marriage, one of the things we’ve been working on is the PTSD from these holidays. I have to say that my anxiety around Valentine’s day and our Anniversary is now much less but my birthday is still a touchy spot, apparently! I didn’t realize it was until the days got closer and then… my worst nightmare! Our 15yo cat, that we’ve had since she was 3 weeks old, got deathly ill. She stopped eating, dropped a ton of weight (for a cat) and got very dehydrated. I kinda started freaking out thinking any minute was the end.

Finally on Saturday we took her to the vet, got some xrays to look for tumors because her respiratory rate was off, bloodwork, etc. Vet gave her fluids, a steroid to hopefully increase appetite and told us to wait for the results… until Tuesday. Ugh! I have to wait to find out if my cat is dying until Tuesday? My birthday, of all days? I was devastated and so was cagedmonkey. This cat is more his baby than anybody’s. He found her half dead behind a dumpster, she just clung to him and he knew he had to save her. Way back then we were told she’d be dead soon and not to get attached… here we are 15 years later!

Anyway, my point for this post is to say how my day turned out to be. Yesterday morning my amazing hubby brought me home some gorgeous bold colored flowers, he knows me so well!
He even made my heart melt by attempting to make me a “rainbow” cake, with the kids. It was so, oh my goodness, sweet of him and really just gave me this feeling inside I’m not sure I’ve felt in awhile. It was so wonderful to have someone go to such lengths to do something for me. It doesn’t matter that the cake went weird… It was simply the most loving generous thought.


Still tasted yummy!

The one thing that got me like no other was hubby’s card. I laughed so hard at his homemade card (as I usually do!) that I started coughing so hard and choking. Haha it was now his best card, to date, and my absolute favorite.





2nd middle

I just adore my husband’s sense of humor. Though I also love his romantic sentimental side. Inside of this card my hubby wrote me a list for my 39th birthday. It was a list of 39 of the reasons that he loves me and every one of them nuzzled it’s way in my heart to help comfort the PTSD that comes from my birthday.

Not to mention the gift we got when the Vet called to say that, although there were a couple tumors on our cats lung, that she felt they were of little concern. The xray showed that some how our little old lady cat had broken a couple of ribs. We are being cautiously optimistic, treating her ribs with pain meds and giving her some antibiotics (she had a slightly elevated white cell count) and going to pray this was the reason she stopped eating.

So like I said, this birthday turned out to be so much more than I ever could have expected. So happy for my family and so happy for the news from the vet. So, thank you cagedmonkey, for making my day great, I’m lucky to have you! 🙂

Woohoo! It’s cagedmonkey’s birthday today! I’ve decided that at some point today will be the last orgasm he will have for the rest of the year. This will be one hell of a birthday. Trust me when I say that last orgasm will be well deserved! 🙂


I love you my sweet monkey boy and I hope you have an amazing day! 🙂


Ever since I was a kid I’ve wanted to see Phantom of the Opera on stage. My dream had always been to see it at the Pantages Theatre in Toronto but I never got the chance. However, today, my wonderful hubby is taking me to see Phantom, it may not be Toronto but I know it’s going to be such an amazing show. This is probably one of the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten. I can’t wait to go today. Phantom is my favorite musical! 🙂

I know this isn’t our typical sex-related post but it’s our life so I wanted to share with you. It should be a wonderful night tonight too since hubby is finally off work and we will get in some teasy play time!