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Wooohooooo! Got permission from our married couple friend to show off the gorgeous boobies I have been fantasizing about. So many thoughts go through my head when I see her gorgeousness. I mean how could you not want to squeeze and fondle and lick these?


Not only does she have these fantastic tits but she’s a cutie pie too. Could you imagine what cagedmonkey is thinking when I tell him all the hot sexy fantasies I’m having about this girl… about this couple? I think the four of us could have some real fun in the same room. I’ve really been having some awfully naughty thoughts the past few days. I’m sure they are coming about because I decided to tell her I was having some of these fantasies.

Just yummy yummy yumtastic!

Thank you, my sexy girlfriend (& her hubby) for allowing me to show how beautiful you are! 🙂