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Last night cagedmonkey and I had some very awesome (frustrating for him) sex. Actually it was more of an all day thing where I used his cock to get off on and to tease him. Last night just ended in some multipositional (pretty sure I just made that up) sex. I was teasing his cock in bed to the point he started to growl and his horny little animal came out and he rolled up on top of me. His big cock feels so good stretching my pussy and filling me up over and over as he thrusts into me. He may only be able to manage 4 or 5 thrusts at a time so he continues to be my good boy but fuck, are those few seconds incredible.

I guess some women might not be able to handle the constant stop and start like that but it really doesn’t bother me. I absolutely love that I have him in such a way that he can barely be inside me without being on edge. How powerful that feeling is!

After a few times of this thrusting into me he kinda collapsed on me, whimpering how he’d have to stop unless I was going to allow him to cum. Of course I wasn’t, it might be hot as stupid outside but it’s definitely not July and therefore not time cum. He rolled back onto his back breathing heavy. I only gave him a minute before I grabbed his rock hard shaft and started stroking him. I edged him a few times, so incredibly close to orgasm. I really do have a knack for that! 🙂 Almost as quickly as I let go of his cock, I was on top of him sliding him into my warm, wet pussy. I rode him and edged him with my pussy, as a squeezed him tight with my muscles. I edged him until he was begging me to stop. God, I love hearing him beg like that.

Yesterday, I was having all kinds of fun talking about possibly pegging cagedmonkey but after a long day and kid stuff and cleaning the house, he and I watched a movie and headed in to bed. The actual harness wearing pegging didn’t happen. I love that we are comfortable enough now that when something like that doesn’t happen we aren’t disappointed or resentful. We are simply appreciative of the fact that we had whatever kind of amazing sexual interaction there was.

However, this morning when I went in to wake up cagedmonkey I decided it really wasn’t fair that I was the only one that had my hole filled last night. That I talked about pegging him, I made him wear the butt plug all day to prepare his ass and it was only fair he got some assplay. So I grabbed the lube and the “Thruster” and gave him quite the awakening!
He was already laying on his stomach when I walked in. I told him “I didn’t think it was fair that I was the only one getting fucked, so I decided it was your turn.”

He managed to moan out a “please be nice, my ass is still sore from the plug.”

“Awww, baby, I’ll be so nice. Don’t you worry,” I assured him.

I put some lube on the end of the Thruster and gently worked at his tight hole. Pressing into him slowly and gently, this was about pleasure not pain. This wasn’t about using him for my pleasure or hearing that incredible moan when I peg him. This was all about letting him feel some pleasure. I worked the Thruster in and once he’d relaxed and things were going more smoothly I rolled him to his side and grabbed his cock. I started stroking him and pushing the Thruster into his ass at the same time. Fuck, I wish I could have recorded the moans that came out of him. I kept pushing into his ass as I edged him twice.

I, quite abruptly, let go of his cock, pulled the probe from his ass and said, “Ok gotta go, my coffee is getting cold!” I kissed his cheek and giggled as I walked out, leaving him there, humping the mattress. 🙂

Last night hubby and I got a chance for some playtime since he was off work. The past couple days have found me feeling awfully dominant. I have also been eyeing his sexy little butt and wanting to have a little ass play. It certainly does get my pussy extremely wet and drippy to 1. Be so dominant 2. Hear his noises, moans and whimpers during ass play & 3. Bend him over and spank his sexy little ass.


Seriously is so damn cute, sexy and squeezable!

Like I said, last night was the first night cagedmonkey was off work. We got the kids to bed, watched an episode of Doctor Who and then took a shower together. I do have to say I love him on his knees in the shower soaping me up and washing my entire body. Such a wonderful feeling to have him look up at me so lovingly because he is in heaven getting to service me. After our shower we went in the bedroom (& closed AND locked the door – still love that we can finally do that!) for some playtime.

I knew I wanted to play with his ass and I was really in the mood to use the RodeOh underwear harness but I couldn’t find it. 🙁 Instead of using a harness I just grabbed a few toys I wanted to play with and the lube. I also got my wand because… well, it’s so much fun for so many reasons. 🙂 I had hubby on his back and I crawled up between his legs and licked from the base of his caged cock all the way up his belly to his neck. Oh the sounds he made just drove me crazy!

I started out so loving and gentle with Pearl, which is our regular probe for his ass play. Not too big, not too small, just the right size. I was really enjoying myself and loving the moans from him as I penetrated his ass and at the same time pushed my wand under his ball sack. He was pressing so hard against the sides of his Revenge while attempting to get an erection. His balls were pulled tight as his caged was thrust forward. I was enjoying his moans so much that I wanted more so I felt it was time to get a little more into it. This is where I would have used the harness if I knew where it was.

I instructed hubby to get on his hands and knees and present his ass to me properly. While he got into position I grabbed a couple of other toys. I found our Aeronos and Blue and got a little excited that I could get some milking out of him AND push his ass play a little further than normal with a bit bigger probe. I started with the Aeronos which his ass loved and practically took in without me trying. I used it for a bit to rub his prostate internally and I could tell he was absolutely loving it. His cock was dripping from the internal massage. That’s about when I decided to push him. I took Blue and didn’t even give him a chance to slowly take my violation. I shoved Blue into his tight asshole which caused him to yelp. It’s so fucking hot to make him react the way I can. I started fucking him hard, ramming his ass with Blue. Since Blue had such a bulbous tip to it I was sure to pull it all the way back out each time to get extra stretching of his asshole.

Well… things can’t possibly go as planned and while I was slamming his ass hard and fast with Blue, we had a bit of an accident lol and like the title says, sometimes shit happens… literally! That put a stop to that play, we got cleaned up and it was time for some major Aftercare. Hubby was so incredibly upset and ashamed and embarrassed. Ya know, whatever, shit does happen. It wasn’t a big deal and there have been plenty of times he’s had to wipe shit off his dick from fucking my ass. Haha It really was no big deal and after some good old fashioned hugs and kisses and lovey time we got back to some face riding pussy eating and full on body worship. After he gave me about 7 orgasms with his mouth we fell asleep in each other’s arms. Mmmmm my favorite.