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It’s getting to that point for me, that point in cagedmonkey’s orgasm denial where I start to feel it. I’m nearing the end of my cycle and feeling much better emotionally at the same time. What that means is that my horny has kicked in high gear. It’s like I’m a pimply faced teenage boy who just got a shot of testosterone (right, Drew?). What that means for hubby is that I’m constantly hungry for him in some sexual way. Whether I’m smacking his ass as he walks by, walking up to him grabbing his caged cock through his pants as I kiss him deep or pulling him into the bedroom, locking the door and fucking the hell out of his face, it’s me, all day, in sexual attack mode.

It’s been about 6 weeks now since hubby’s last orgasm. I know, I choose to keep him denied because thats how I like him. The constant crazy high of his arousal is good for me. He’s more focused and attentive, more willing in all aspects of life. He’s completely and utterly horny for me which boosts me. I love him that way… but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE to make him cum. So yeah, there’s my dilemma. This whole denying him orgasm is really hard on me and all day, today, I’ve been arguing with myself about just saying screw it and letting him cum so I can use him to fuck me good and hard like I need to be. I think, if I wasnt on my cycle, I would be ok because he could just use the RodeoH harness with “Adam” in it and slam my pussy good and hard with my favorite toy. I know I’m going to have to basically torture myself for the next few days until I can have that. Why don’t I have him use it now? I don’t know, I have this thing about my toys being used during my period. If I use his cock (which I did the other night) it’s not a big deal to me because it washes off much more easily.

So before I go letting him erupt 6 weeks worth of his hot cum into my pussy I’m going to force myself to wait. Simply because I have a plan, I want him to wait until we renew our vows in January. I want him to save up and build up that incredible amount of horny and desire. I want to feel his passion that night after we are all lovey and promising to be together and take care of each other forever. I want his desire to be so much so that his orgasm is felt deep through his entire body and lasts for a long time.

So, as much as I love to make him cum, I love that constant arousal that comes with denying him his orgasm. I’m happy to remind myself of that and I’m happy waiting it out and having him please me in every other way possible. I’ll get mine and, eventually, I’ll get his too! 🙂