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This weekend was the first time in quite a while that CM and I were able to get some overnight alone time. Grandma hasn’t taken the kids overnight in a few months due to how demanding Football season is. So, this weekend she asked to take them and do fun stuff like the pumpkin patch and apple orchard and all that so CM and I were like hellz yeah lady, take them! We have, very much, needed some adult time together in a quiet house so we took her up on the offer immediately!

The kids went off to Grandma’s at about 5pm on Saturday, which happened to be a munch night so Yay, free babysitter for that! This particular night at munch was small and quiet and we had a newbie come and it was refreshing to meet another male Dom who has his head on straight… or a little kinky, actually! Before we left to go to munch I made hubby move around the furniture in the living room and vacuum so he could get out the steel Bitch Tamer stockade and the fucking machine. After munch we grabbed a coffee – I knew we had a longer night than usual ahead of us and headed home.

I knew I was planning to have him locked in the stockade a lot longer than I ever have. That night was about pushing him slightly farther than I have in the past. I think, each time we play, we push limits just a little bit to see just where the line is. If you’ve been following our blog long enough you know CM has has some elbow trouble and his time in the stockade has sometimes been limited, especially when he’s locked in it on all fours for a lengthy period of time. The longest he’s spent locked, wrist and ankles, was about an hour… Saturday night I more than doubled that. So I chose to leave the locking collar piece and his wrist unlocked so he would be able to bend his elbow as needed and withstand the much longer time being used and tortured in it. Recently I purchased a couple new additions to our stockade, as well. One of them being a wand holder so that I can use my hands for other things while the wand relentlessly stimulates his locked cock.

Once we got the wand situated in the holder and positioned correctly, he was locked at the ankles with his hips against a very high waist pad. I began gathering a few things I was looking forward to using, things like the bamboo cane, my gorgeous blue paddle, and the prostate massager. Not to mention I enjoyed using my nails on his body. At first I gathered a few thin bamboo canes together in a bunch and rubber banded them and used that to tap, tap, tap his ass to give him a warm up… mostly because I couldn’t find my flogger! Every so often I would give him a good whack and then give him a little time to feel it before giving him another. Once his ass was marked fairly well I would take my nails and run them across his cheeks giving him that extra burning feeling.

Once I felt like giving him a break from reddening his ass I got out the prostate massager and decided it was time for him to get a good milking. After all, I have no idea when he last came and it had been almost 10 days since he’d even gotten a proper boner. The fact that he was in the doggy style stockade with the wand positioned behind his balls on his prostate was a huge bonus. I inserted, in probably a not so gentle way, the prostate massager and started to work with the wand vibrating from below. It certainly didn’t take long for the drops of milky fluid to start dripping from his caged cock. It was so awesome seeing those big drips one after the other as he whimpered and moaned and had these fantastic reactions to how I was moving the massager against his prostate. Twisting, turning and slightly in and out just milking away at what has been built up inside for so long. It was really great, it made me happy and I giggled watching it. When I was done milking him I got out my blue paddle and gave him a few good whacks just to make sure he would be feeling it the next day and I love seeing those rosy red cheeks! I didnt spend too much time on the blue paddle because, to be honest, it’s hefty paddle and it does it’s job in a few swings.

I can remember feeling very turned on by everything and hearing him making all those noises as I paddled him and milked him and my pussy was very wet. I figured the only thing to do was to bend over in front of him and shove my ass and pussy in his face to clean it up. I mean he had nothing else better to do while locked in the stockade but whatever I wanted, right? I just love making him be all dirty for me while I rub my juicy wetness all over his face. He was soaked from forehead to chin. hehe I got so turned on by using his face, I straddled him in the stockade and used the small of his back to cum on him. Sometimes using him as just a thing to get off on is powerful.

I ended up having him in the stockade for over 2 hours continuously doing a variety of things to him. It was a pretty intense night and I am pretty sure we both enjoyed it very much. Afterwards we talked about some ways to randomize some stuff and kinda make it worse and ways I could keep him there longer by automation so I wouldnt get too terribly worn out after hours of tormenting him. But thats stuff for another post, I’m sure.

We also managed to get a little play time in Sunday morning while I used the machine to cuckold him in a way. I mean he’s all locked up and I couldnt have his cock and the machine was out so I might as well have used it. It was an interesting thing having him under me licking my clit while the machine fucked me from behind… I know he felt a little humiliated – in a good way! 🙂

The stars aligned the other day, and I happened to get a day off of work during the week. This gave My Lady and I some time together with absolutely no kids in the house. She took advantage of this time by making me scream and cry with a rough pegging. What a way to spend your day off, huh?

ML cuffed my hands to the bed above my head, then she used the Easy Access Thigh Restraint Sling to position me with my knees up to my chest and my legs spread. I felt very slutty right then, wide open and vulnerable. I couldn’t close my legs even if I wanted to.


She began to rub the tip of her strapon against my asshole, and my cock quickly began to stiffen. “Ooooh, you like being my little slut, don’t you,” ML teased me as she began to stroke me. “I bet your cock will even harder when I start sliding my big fake cock in your ass.” She slowly pushed the strapon inside me, and we found out she was absolutely right.


ML stroked my cock and quickly brought me to the edge, and I whimpered and squirmed as she teased me. I wanted my hands free badly; after a month-plus of teasing and denial, I was desperate to touch myself and cum, whether or not there was a big rubber dildo in my ass or not.

ML kept me teetering on the edge, using my cock as a handle as she fucked me with the strapon. I could see ML was enjoying taking me on my back, being able to look into my eyes as she penetrated me, but I could also tell something was missing for her. She couldn’t fuck me with the force she wanted to. After not getting any chances to peg me for so long, she wanted to take me roughly. She wanted to hurt me.

ML took the thigh restraints off me and told me to turn over on the bed. With my hands still cuffed to the bed, I was defenseless. She had me where she needed me in order to take me as she wanted.

ML was not gentle with me. After not having much ass play for the past few months, I probably needed some time to get accustomed to the size of her strapon… time that My Lady was not willing to give. She pushed the strapon deep into my ass, filling me almost completely after only a few strokes. I kicked my legs against the mattress to try to deal with the pain, since it was my only option. She continued to abuse my ass, giving me no time to gather myself, until I was sobbing and begging her to stop. I was glad that there were no kids in the house, because I couldn’t have kept my volume down even if I needed to.

When ML had her fill of me (pun intended), she thrusted deep into my ass one last time. With the strapon still in my ass, she unhooked the waistband from herself, reversed it, and hooked it around my waist, effectively strapping the dildo firmly into my ass.

ML then laid down next to me and reached for her wand. It was ML’s turn to take advantage of the kids not being around.

ML started by using the wand through her panties, getting them even more soaked than they already were from pegging me. Once they were good and wet, she took them off and shoved them in my mouth, letting me taste her while I watched her please herself. She then used the wand to bring herself to a massive, screaming orgasm, which lasted a good half minute before she started to come down. But even after that, she still wasn’t satisfied.

My Lady uncuffed me and told me to get up and fuck her. I nearly lept off the mattress, until I realized the dildo was still strapped inside my ass. She wanted me to fuck her with the strapon still in my ass! She knew exactly what I was thinking, and said, “Yes, be a good boy and fuck my pussy with your cock while mine fucks your ass.”

Her pussy was as wet as it had ever been as my cock slid easily inside her. I was close to cumming after only a few thrusts, but I managed to hold off. I nearly had a handle on the situation when ML wrapped her legs around my waist and used her feet to push the dildo deeper into my ass. I jumped forward reflexively, shoving myself balls deep into ML’s pussy and triggering another screaming orgasm from her. Her pussy grabbed and squeezed my cock as she came hard and loud, and my body wanted to cum with her so badly. I somehow managed to hold off… maybe the big rubber cock in my ass distracted me just enough.

ML’s timing was perfect – we had just a few minutes for aftercare before she had to go pick up my daughter from school. Back to real life we went, where we are parents instead of kinky fuckers we truly are inside. I couldn’t forget the morning, though… not with my poor asshole twitching and throbbing all day long, and definitely not with ML looking at me and giving me that knowing smile all day long.

The other night before Cagedmonkey went to work I couldn’t help but get in a little play time. I mean, damn, when my man has an adorable little ass like he does, how can you not want to just bend him over the couch and take him?
We were just sitting on the couch getting a little flirty, he happened to flash me a little hip… Oh his hips are sexy! I straddled his lap and started kissing him hard. I was getting extremely turned on and I started pinching his nipples. I got more turned on by the sounds he was making as I pinched and twisted his nipples. I kissed him harder and deeper and more aggressively. I could feel how hard his cock was trying to get in his cage between my thighs.

I could feel that fire starting to burn inside me, that powerful aggressive burn, aching to just do things to him. To make him feel things and react to things. That need to have him in whatever way I wanted. I stood up to catch my breath and couldn’t help myself, I grabbed him by the hip and pushed him over on his belly, bent over the couch, face down in the cushion. I yanked down the back of his shorts and knelt behind him as if I was making him my little bitch.

I reached down and slid my middle finger in his ass and he moaned this growly moan into the couch cushion. Damn it was hot! I continued rubbing his prostate as I moved my hips back and forth as if I were pegging him, listening to him moan over and over. I had one hand on his back, pressing him into the couch, it really was like I was using him for my little ass slut.

I really enjoyed the powerful feeling I got from just taking him and doing what I wanted to him. When I was finished with him his cock was dripping like crazy and trying desperately to bust out of his cage.

Last night cagedmonkey and I had some very awesome (frustrating for him) sex. Actually it was more of an all day thing where I used his cock to get off on and to tease him. Last night just ended in some multipositional (pretty sure I just made that up) sex. I was teasing his cock in bed to the point he started to growl and his horny little animal came out and he rolled up on top of me. His big cock feels so good stretching my pussy and filling me up over and over as he thrusts into me. He may only be able to manage 4 or 5 thrusts at a time so he continues to be my good boy but fuck, are those few seconds incredible.

I guess some women might not be able to handle the constant stop and start like that but it really doesn’t bother me. I absolutely love that I have him in such a way that he can barely be inside me without being on edge. How powerful that feeling is!

After a few times of this thrusting into me he kinda collapsed on me, whimpering how he’d have to stop unless I was going to allow him to cum. Of course I wasn’t, it might be hot as stupid outside but it’s definitely not July and therefore not time cum. He rolled back onto his back breathing heavy. I only gave him a minute before I grabbed his rock hard shaft and started stroking him. I edged him a few times, so incredibly close to orgasm. I really do have a knack for that! 🙂 Almost as quickly as I let go of his cock, I was on top of him sliding him into my warm, wet pussy. I rode him and edged him with my pussy, as a squeezed him tight with my muscles. I edged him until he was begging me to stop. God, I love hearing him beg like that.

Yesterday, I was having all kinds of fun talking about possibly pegging cagedmonkey but after a long day and kid stuff and cleaning the house, he and I watched a movie and headed in to bed. The actual harness wearing pegging didn’t happen. I love that we are comfortable enough now that when something like that doesn’t happen we aren’t disappointed or resentful. We are simply appreciative of the fact that we had whatever kind of amazing sexual interaction there was.

However, this morning when I went in to wake up cagedmonkey I decided it really wasn’t fair that I was the only one that had my hole filled last night. That I talked about pegging him, I made him wear the butt plug all day to prepare his ass and it was only fair he got some assplay. So I grabbed the lube and the “Thruster” and gave him quite the awakening!
He was already laying on his stomach when I walked in. I told him “I didn’t think it was fair that I was the only one getting fucked, so I decided it was your turn.”

He managed to moan out a “please be nice, my ass is still sore from the plug.”

“Awww, baby, I’ll be so nice. Don’t you worry,” I assured him.

I put some lube on the end of the Thruster and gently worked at his tight hole. Pressing into him slowly and gently, this was about pleasure not pain. This wasn’t about using him for my pleasure or hearing that incredible moan when I peg him. This was all about letting him feel some pleasure. I worked the Thruster in and once he’d relaxed and things were going more smoothly I rolled him to his side and grabbed his cock. I started stroking him and pushing the Thruster into his ass at the same time. Fuck, I wish I could have recorded the moans that came out of him. I kept pushing into his ass as I edged him twice.

I, quite abruptly, let go of his cock, pulled the probe from his ass and said, “Ok gotta go, my coffee is getting cold!” I kissed his cheek and giggled as I walked out, leaving him there, humping the mattress. 🙂

Friday night was “date night,” our chance to get the kids out of our hair and either go out somewhere for dinner or even just go home and enjoy a house empty of children. With the kids gone, My Lady and I were excited to give our new toys from KTM a try, seeing as it’s hard to set up and use either the stockade or the fucking machine without worrying about the kids coming out of their bedroom and into the living room. With the house to ourselves, there were no such concerns, so ML and I aimed to try them out before I would be out of commission due to my elbow sugery next week (maybe….).

We fetched the toys from the bedroom closet and brought them out to the spacious living room floor. Along with the stockade and the fucking machine, we brought out the fleshlight attachment and the vac-u-lock dildo ML had purchased earlier in the week.

(Side note: I’m not completely oblivious; when the vac-u-lock dildo arrived in the mail, I was a little confused as to why it was only five inches long. Knowing that ML enjoys my significantly larger cock, I wondered why she ordered one so small. I even asked her if it was for me; she said that she didn’t want to go too big for her first try with the machine. I just wanted to point out that I’m not totally in the dark all the time.)

Since I already had a trial run with the machine, it was My Lady’s turn to give it a test drive. She laid down on her back while I positioned the machine between her legs (we really need a name for this thing, other than “the machine”… I’m going with Pete, considering that the name of the model is Sneaky Pete). I began at a slow pace, moving the dildo into and out of ML’s pussy while being careful to watch her to make sure there were no “aiming incidents.”

I was worried that ML might react in a “meh, it’s ok but no big deal” way, but my concerns quickly vanished when she started moaning and reached down to rub her clit. I quickened the pace a little bit, and she started to roll her hips just the tiniest bit. She was starting to enjoy it, rubbing her clit faster, pushing herself to her first machine-induced orgasm. She moaned louder as her orgasm hit, and I let the machine continue fucking her as the pleasure pulsed through her body. As her body continued to tremble, her pussy gushed and squirted as the dildo continued to drive into her pussy. I slowed down Pete as she came down from her orgasm. The smile on her face told me all I needed to know about her opinion of the using the machine.

Next, it was time to try out the stockade. ML and I adjusted the bars to fit my height, setting the waist pad to a position where I could not move my hips and locking the collar so I couldn’t move or even turn my head. It felt amazing to be locked onto it, completely unable to move or adjust my body even the slightest bit. ML had me right where she wanted me, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to prevent her from doing what she wanted to me.

My Lady took a moment to spank my exposed ass until I yelped in pain. Then I heard movement behind me. I tried to turn my head, but the collar prevented me from seeing anything behind me. ML and I had talked about my fantasy of using the fleshlight on me in the stocks, and for a moment I wondered what was taking her so long to get set up. Then, as it slowly dawned on me that ML was able to do ANYTHING, I felt the rubber cock brush against my ass cheek. “Oh God,” I thought, as it became obvious what ML was going to do.

Before I had a chance to beg ML not to, she slid the well lubed dildo into my ass. “Relax,” she said, “it’s going in whether you want it to or not. Just relax.” What choice did I have? I tried my best to relax as she pushed the cock in further, unable to hold back a moan as it slid in deeper. After a pause, with ML graciously allowing me a chance to prepare for what was going to happen, I heard the machine’s drive shaft come to life.

The fake cock slowly pulled back almost all the way out of my ass, then just as slowly stroked back into me. I grunted as I took the full length of the dildo in my ass. In and out, Pete did not stop filling my ass over and over. ML varied the pace, speeding up and slowing down randomly, preventing me from completely adjusting to what was happening. She gave me fast strokes, using the machine to pound my ass. She also gave me incredibly slow strokes, forcing me to feel every inch of the dildo as it slowly violated me.

It was a very intense experience; I had so many thoughts and feelings swirling around in my head and my body. It’s hard for me to keep the thoughts in a particular order, so I decided to just make a list of the things I remember. In no particular order, here are the things I felt and thought about as I was slowly pegged over the better part of an hour:

– I felt completely powerless. The stockade prevented me from moving or even wiggling away from the machine, and it took no rest while it was fucking me.

– I knew we had to pick up the kids at some point, but I had no idea what time it was, as the stockade’s prevented me from turning my head to see the clock. I had no idea how long I would have to endure what was happening to me.

– I felt humiliated. I will admit that when ML used a slower pace, the stimulation on my prostate felt very good. I started moaning because of the pressure building up, and ML started to chuckle, saying that I was “moaning like a little bitch wanting to be fucked.” And, to be honest, that’s how I felt. She was right.

– My cock was dripping precum non-stop. The prodding of my prostate caused my cock to leak like crazy, and I wanted to be stroked so fucking bad. But during the whole ordeal, ML only touched my cock once, squeezing a big gob of precum out of it. The rest of the time, my cock bobbed and twitched, and my hips kept trying to push forward to search for some kind of stimulation. Of course, I couldn’t even move an inch because of the waist pad.

– There was one point where I just kinda gave up and let the machine fuck me. I’m not sure if ML sensed this in me, but she turned up the machine to fuck me faster. The dildo pushed against me, and I felt my body rocking back and forth in the stocks the slightest bit. I immediately pictured what the women look like in porn movies when guys fuck them from behind, rocking them forward with their thrusts. At that moment, I realized the machine was turning me into it’s little slut, and ML was controlling all of it.

– ML came around to the front of the stocks to use my face to please her pussy, but the collar prevented her from getting a good angle. She even got on all fours in front of me and shoved her ass in my face. My mental image of this was fucking insane: Pete pegging me from behind, pushing my face forward into ML’s ass and pussy as she used me like an object. Fuck, I got so turned on. But the collar still prevented ML from getting exactly what she wanted. She ended up unlocking the collar so she could move my head around more freely.

– ML sat on the couch and put her feet up on my back as she watched tv… OMGWTF???? That was when it hit me that this wasn’t going to be some quickie fun play… ML was going to leave me there for as long as she wanted to. It was at this point that I started to beg her to please stop. She said, “No way… I suggest you start liking it because it’s going to be a while before you’re done.” I nearly began to cry after that comment. That’s when it really started to feel like I was being raped. The slow deliberate pace of the thrusting was an even bigger mindfuck.

– I came very close to safewording, but not because of the pegging… my hands were starting to go numb! That, plus I was concerned about my elbow being stressed for so long… rightly concerned, as it turned out, because my elbow was stiff and sore for quite some time after being let out. After my recovery, we need to work on finding a better position for me in the stockade, one that I can be put in for as long as ML wants me there so there.

All in all, it was quite an amazing experience. It’s one of those “I’d definitely do it again… Just not this weekend” things. My ass is still sore from the rough treatment I received, but I’ll admit it’s a type of sore that turns me on. The next time (who knows if/when that will be), I wonder if My Lady will take her turn in pegging me in the stocks!

Perhaps I should just leave it at the title? Haha

Today, I have my “I’m going to drive you so fucking crazy teasing you” hat on. Cagedmonkey got home a bit late from work so he didn’t end up going to sleep until about 10am. He’s just in there for a nap for a few hours since his surgery is at the butt crack of dawn. It might even be before the butt crack but it’s early anyway! This morning he had an interview for a promotion at work and was wearing a pair of dress pants. They crowd the cage and rather then have hubby grabbing at and adjusting his crotch in front of his bosses the entire time I ok’d him taking off his cage.

I went to tuck him in for this lovely little nap and figured he’d sleep really well after a good tease. Since I’d already had him out of the cage I decided to fill myself fill of his nice big cock. He actually hasn’t been inside me in days and I’ve cum quite a few times since he was allowed. That meant I was extremely tight when I went to slide down onto him. So tight it almost hurt to stretch my pussy, feeling all of him fill me up as I pushed down onto his lap.

I slowly lifted and lowered myself over and over again on him. Teasing his cock, going faster and faster edging him and then stopping. Again slowly teasing and squeezing him as I went up and down. Edging and stopping over and over as I rode him. I really wasn’t in the mood to cum but as I was there riding his cock there, staring me in the face on the shelf in our headboard was the Aeronos.

I told him to turn over because I was going to stuff his ass just I case I wanted to use it later it would be ready for me. I straddled his ass with my juicy wet pussy covering his cheeks. I rubbed myself all over his perfect little bum. I used my own horny sloppy pussy to lube the aeronos and I pushed it between his butt cheeks. Setting it just against his tight opening I began simulating pegging him. I pushed my hips against his but as I slid it in and out with my hand. One last hard trust towards his ass and I pushed it the whole way in.

Then I rubbed my clit on his ass, as if I was pegging him, and gave myself a nice big orgasm. My pussy was a dripping sloppy mess so I slid myself all over his butt, up his back, rubbing my juices all over him. When I had gotten to his head I told him to turn over and clean up his mess. He did and I covered him chin to forehead in my delicious goo. I climbed off of him and walked out of the room and left him to sleep, covered in me, my wetness, my scent, all over him.

What a wonderful night for some playtime! The other night after we got the kids to bed cagedmonkey and I spent a little normal, laying around on the couch time, catching up on shows. We were both starting to get tired but neither of us wanted to go to sleep. So instead we went in the bedroom to watch tv in there and see what play might happen.

I’d gotten a little excited, and tingly in the nether bits, when that afternoon my new toy was delivered. It’s a Love Rider Thruster and I’ve been very excited to try it out. It’s size seemed so perfect for pegging hubby and I especially love the non phallic-ness of it all. I’ll write more of a review on that later too with both of our points of view.

I decided it was the perfect night to strap on my harness and, who knows, maybe I’d want to play. I can’t wait to review this harness, btw, I love it so much! Anyway, I got it on and got my new toy into it, which is amazing too! I climbed into bed next to hubby all strapped into my harness and we started to watch a little television. It actually got me kind of aroused laying there with him, pressing against him, teasing his ass crack with the probe.
2015-03-16 18.54.05I honestly didn’t last laying there beside him too long before I felt my pussy getting tingly, warm and wet. I could almost feel the arousal building between my hips. I just tapped CagedMonkey on the hip and told him I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to make him mine. I made him get on his back at the edge of the bed, legs wrapped around my hips. I lubed up the probe and took my time, gently working his tight opening, pressing slowly, loosing him up to take me. The height was so perfect with him laying on the bed that way. My knees pushed against the side of the bed and my hips moving back and forth sliding deeper with each thrust.
2015-03-15 07.40.29I was so careful and sweet to him, making love to him as I pushed and pulled on the harness with my hips back and forth motion. The harness made it so easy to control it and, for the first time, it actually felt like I was having sex with him like I was the guy and he was the girl. Laying on his back, legs up, looking me in the eye as I slid deeper into him. As I thrust into him, I reached up and grabbed his caged cock, gave it a tug and told him I bet he wished I was stroking his cock while I was making love to him so tenderly. I slid my hand up his stomach and played with his nipples as I continued giving him all 6″ of my strap-on.

I was getting extremely turned on and I could feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I began thrusting a little faster and I felt the probe tugging as I began to thrust harder. That’s when I added more lube and that made it slide in and out so much smoother. I continued penetrating him deeper, faster, harder. I felt my aggression growing as I started to speed up and get more rough with him. I grabbed his thighs at his hips and started yanking him toward me onto the strap-on. Harder and faster I began fucking him and I felt myself switch over from the wife who was lovingly pegging her husband to the aggressive hungry animal inside me fucking the hole in front of me.

I could feel my leverage was off for a good hard fucking so I pulled out quickly, oh the sounds he made when I did! I ordered him to turn his slutty ass over because I was about to fuck him like my dirty little whore. He stood up, turned toward the bed and I just shoved him face down on to it. I pushed my knees against the back of his thighs to steady myself, got more lube just to make sure I didn’t have to stop and I slid into him quickly, penetrating him deep. He let out such a throaty sounding moan. Oh God the sounds he makes just drive me!
2015-03-15 07.38.01If felt so good and powerful to pound his ass that way, calling him my little slut. Asking him to tell me how my dirty little slut loves when I fuck him in the ass. I made him tell me how he loves when I use him for my pleasure. I also had him tell me he was MY slut to be used however I wanted, my hole to fuck. As I heard him these things fall from his lips, I felt such heat in my crotch. I felt the inside of my pussy twitch and my lips began to ache. I couldn’t believe it but I was about to cum, really hard, from pegging him. I grabbed his left hip with my left hand and slid my right up over his shoulder as I shoved in as hard and deep as I could and I just told him I was about to cum while I was fucking his ass. I told him he was my slut who wanted me to cum while I was fucking him so he could clean up all my delicious juices after I fucked him. I was so turned on I knew this wasn’t going to be just any cum, it was going to be a good cum and that’s exactly what it was. It was a long hard very wet cum.

Once I was able to catch my breath and come back down from my orgasm, I pulled out and told him to get his face in my pussy right then and start cleaning up the mess. He licked from bottom to top, slurping up all of my gooey warm cum. Once he had sufficiently cleaned up my sloppy wetness I told him it was time to clean the toys. I snuggled in bed waiting for him and we lay there cuddling and talking and getting in some very loving aftercare.

It’s crazy that I just thought about the fact that cagedmonkey has been denied over a month! It hardly feels like it! I remember not too long ago I was dying to have him orgasm myself by now but this time, a month feels like nothing. It’s interesting how things change in a year and a half. It seems like this whole 6 months of denial might not be as hard as I thought. Who knows… maybe at 6 months I’ll be like, eh that wasn’t so hard, lets go another month and another! Who knows how long we can go without him orgasming! 🙂

Today has been so much fun. I’ve been teasing cagedmonkey throughout the day. At one point I texted him, told him to go in the bedroom and stroke his cock nice and hard. I didn’t tell him for how long or anything and off he went. I soon followed and stood there, hands in my pockets, watching him stroke himself. Then I pushed him back on the bed, bent his knees and put his legs up. Our bed just happens to be the perfect height for a pegging so I simulated that while I stroke his cock. I loved hearing him moan while I was fake fucking him.

I continued my hip thrusts against him while I was stroking his cock, I rubbed my hand up his stomach to his nipple and as I pinched it I said, “I bet you’d love it if I was fucking you right now and made you cum all over your stomach.” He just moaned out an, “oh yes!” It was really very pleasing to tease him and intensify his horny that much more.

I can’t wait till later. The kids will be going to bed soon and we plan to have a couple drinks and then it’s playtime! There will be no falling asleep early tonight!


Right now, I have cagedmonkey’s wrists and ankles cuffed and he’s restrained to the bed. I know he’s been craving a total loss of control and we didn’t get much if it on our weekend. I know he wants to feel controlled and used however I want. He is craving a bit of that subspace which I haven’t been able to take him to in awhile. So today I decided to show him just how not in control he is by restraining him to the bed, blindfolding him, plugging his ass, torturing his nipples and doing anything else I find entertaining at the time. Once he’s restrained like that he’s at my mercy. I decide if he will sleep, or be forced to stay awake with whatever I’m tormenting him with. There is nothing he can do about it.

He’s at a spot in his horny level where his parts are sensitive, which means his nipples are perfect for teasing and torturing. At the moment I’m not overloading him with things, I put the Arenos in his ass, pressing in his prostate, likely causing some major drippage from his overfilled aching balls. I plan to head back in shortly to attach the nipple clamps to his sensitive nipples. I’m not planning it out by time, just whatever feels right. I will likely unlock him as well so that while I have him in such a vulnerable position I can tease and torture his cock. I can ride his cock and face and enjoy myself during all of this too. So much fun using him to cum all over and forcing him to lay there covered in my juices and my scent, it must be heaven for him.

I love increasing my intensity levels as his horniness increases. It only makes his denial that much more fun. Having him this way in the bedroom, ready to use as my toy is such an arousing thing. I’m sitting here with wet panties knowing that he’s on his way to a deeper, more submissive place than he has been in awhile.

He has no idea when I’ll be back or what I’ll be doing. I left room simply saying, “enjoy darling, try to rest, I’ll be back soon.” I feel like the luckiest woman in the world that I have a man to love me and be mine in every way. A man that needs the intensity that I have to offer. A man that can handle what I give him.

***Update: I just had to come update and share this pic, damn he’s sexy and I love hearing him moan when I give that chain a pull or reclamp them!

Tonight the kids will be going back to their Friday night activity. It’s a social skills group for kids with Autism (and their siblings) that usually happens once or twice a month. That means hubby and I get about one and a half hours of uninterrupted Date Night. These date nights can range anywhere from a nice night out at a restaurant for dinner to a quick movie at home together and sometimes, like tonight, it can be an intense D/s or tease session depending on how we are feeling. Actually depending on how I’m feeling since, sexually, I control it all. 🙂

I can honestly say I don’t have specific plans for tonight but when hubby asked if he should plan to make dinner I told him no. I said I was in desperate need to dominate him and I needed an intense D/s session. I told him with the very limited amount of time we have I did not want to waste it eating dinner. LoL

I’m already in a very powerful mood this morning. He got home from work and I went in to tuck him into bed. That turned into a half an hour of pretty intense teasing and me getting very aggressive with him. At first I laid with him and was trailing my fingers up and down his naked body. Running them all around his cage but ignoring the locked cock within. I gently dragged my fingers along his stomach and chest, across his nipples and up over his shoulders. I traced all the gorgeous lines of his body and loved hearing him gasp and quietly moan as he got more and more aroused. I could feel the skin get tighter as he swelled in his cage.

I was getting more and more turned on, I could feel my pussy getting wetter and warmer, quivering in my panties. As I was teasing and tickling cagedmonkey, I felt this wonderful surge., a powerful, aggressive feeling came over me. I pinched and pulled his nipples just to hear him moan. I crave hearing his reaction to my touch. I made him moan into my ear, made him whimper and I could feel his breath. It made me extremely horny and I could feel my need to orgasm, simply from his reactions to my touch. It is nothing short of amazing that I feel this with him.

I continued teasing, tickling, pinching and pulling, filling my desire for his reaction. I kept doing it until I pushed myself to the edge of orgasm. Right at the peak I climbed on top of him and rubbed my panty covered pussy on his cock straining in his Jail Bird. I pushed myself over as I humped his body through my orgasm. Fuck, it was fantastic to feel those powerful, “I’ll use you and take what I want from you” feelings again.

As I mentioned, I’m not sure what tonight will bring but I have thought about wearing my new strap on harness. I’ve thought about bending him over and forcing him to be mine. But… who knows, we’ll just have to see what happens tonight! I do know that today, all day, is going to be one hell of a prolonged tease session. I have no plans of letting him get uninterrupted sleep today, he’ll just have to deal with it. 🙂