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It’s been a fantastic year. We’ve accomplished some goals we set last year and even some we didn’t expect to. We have met some really great friends and hope to continue those friendships through this year and many more to come.


I really don’t have some profound thing to say. As I said last year, New Year’s is just another day. This year cagedmonkey and I will both be writing down a few goals for the year and I look forward to sharing some of those with you all. We aren’t really resolution type people so basically we both said we are going to continue doing “whatever it takes not to screw this up.” We both remember what we have been through and what our marriage has been through and we are so happy to be on the other side. We love being in this happier, healthier place!

Thank you to all of our followers and lurking readers for all of your great comments, questions and even ideas throughout the year. It’s been so fun having you along on this exciting journey and exploration of our sexual selves. We hope to continue to share with you for years to come!

We wish you lots of love, happiness, safe play and locked up, denied genitals in 2015!