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    • I hope I can come up with something fitting, I’ve never had him do that before! I’m certainly not mad but he did cum without permission. I totally loved it hehe I loved that he was so bad wanting me that he had to be a naughty boy, he had no choice.

      So now I’ll have to consult our agreement to see what kind of punishment will suffice. šŸ™‚

      • It should be severe in my opinion. Tears even. He came without permission which is among the very worst things a sub shod be allowed to get away with, even if both of you like it

      • Severe means different things for different people. We are not into pain but a severe punishment for us would be no play at all, ignoring the locked up penis for a length of time… THAT would cause some emotional pain and it’s those types of things that really get to cagedmonkey more than anything else. Denying him things he loves is quite the severe punishment. It’s going to be hard to deal with him but I guess we’ll have to see how it goes once I decide on how a full punishment will go now that he’s back locked up.

  1. What a bad CM! I’m sure the punishment will fit the crime hehe.

    Most importantly though I’m glad you both thoroughly enjoyed the moment, the spontaneity, and for CM to cum twice in such quick succession that’s a lot of bottled up cum.

    Miss S took full advantage of my cock last week 3 times!! Which is a lot for her in the space of 5 days. I treated her to some new Lingerie (black satin all in one slinky body) as soon as we got home she put it on under her clothes and teased me mercilessly. This was prior to the third time, I still had to wait hours though as we went for a meal first…

    Is there anything that builds sexual anticipation more; than your lady wearing some new lingerie under her clothes prior to some sexy fun and lovemaking and not seeing it….but knowing she’s wearing it. Especially knowing she’s planning on being fucked hard and having orgasm after orgasm too???

    Oh yeah a locked up cock!! Sorry CM!! Hehe.

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