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  1. Funnily enough we just came off an 8 day drought… but fairly often weeks can go by without even PIV intercourse. One thing I will say though, now that we have PIV so much less, when it happens (or rather when Mistress R lets it happen) we both enjoy it a lot more than we used to, when it was just an ‘everyday’ thing. Guy’s who don’t live this way really don’t appreciate how good it feels to be inside a nice wet pussy, or how it feels to hear ‘I want you to cum inside me’.

  2. Hi Cagedmonkey,

    i too am often at a loss when thinking about how to describe Owner and my sex-life together – which i regard as good even though the last time i was actually inside of Her was well over 5 years ago. Instead she sometimes penetrates me with Her strapon or fist but for the most part uses my tongue or bits of my body as Her sex toy until She cums. If at the time i happen to have been released from chastity by Her She will then make me cum bt repeatedly spanking/beating my exposed testicles – it’s a pretty intense way to be unloaded!

    i’d say we have an exciting and pretty active sex life but then i guess others might say, hey over 5 years without being inside your partners pussy is quite a while! Personally, i genuinely don’t miss it.


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