4 comments on “Sentenced to the Jailbird

  1. Although I’ve been locked up a long time (200 days, as of today), there have usually been short releases for clean up and some tortuous teasing on a reasonably frequent basis (two or three times a week at the least). Not being able to feel my cock stretching out to its full length, and giving it a few strokes, would be almost unbearable…

    Good luck with that, cagedmonkey! What a challenge!

    • Unfortunately for me, because of the design of the Jailbird there is no reason to remove the cage even for cleaning. I won’t be experiencing the full hardness of my cock at all for a while. Thanks for your good wishes, though!

  2. Although I enjoy enforcing chastity as an act of will I have never put my Boy in a cage. I will be fascinated to see how you enjoy your extended time in one.

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