One comment on “Right Now: Sensory Deprivation!

  1. That was so intense! I had no way of knowing you were there in the room until you touched me.

    You didn’t even go into what happened the second time you came up. If I may…
    It started in the same way, your fingernails tracing lightly on my back, making me moan and causing my body to tremble. Then I felt you slowly sliding *something* into my ass (it turned out to be the Aneros). You fucked my ass with it as I moaned and writhed as much as I could. I felt the pressure of precum building in my balls, but you didn’t allow me to lift my hips to relieve the pressure. Instead, you climbed on top of me, pinning me to the mattress.

    I could feel your wet pussy sliding back and forth across my ass cheeks. Then you began to get into it a lot more – you began humping me faster, pushing my hooded head into the mattress. You bucked your hips harder into me, the intensity of your thrusts matching the intensity of the thunderstorm I was hearing. You covered my mouth through the hood, because I was apparently beginning to moan very loud. I couldn’t help it! It felt so amazing to be treated that way.

    After a few minutes, you laid on the bed next to me, your leg draped over my back. I felt the telltale arm movements that meant you were rubbing your pussy, working furiously to reach orgasm. Your body continued to tense up until I felt your entire body go rigid. I couldn’t hear a thing, but I KNEW you were cumming… and cumming hard! I wanted to see you and hear you, but most of all I wanted to join in!!!

    It was an amazing experience, one I would definitely enjoy doing again. 🙂

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