3 comments on “Revenge on the way!

  1. More power to you. I will be ordering a smaller chastity device just for this purpose. not to fully enclose as I like it to breath, but to keep it small 🙂 I look forward to your new cages arrival!

    • Yeah we got the revenge because the tip/end is open for a little bit easier cleaning & hygiene. But the shaft is enclosed – the pic is in the other Steelworxx post (I can link to it later) 🙂

      What do you plan on getting?

      • nothing real expensive right now. I will pay a couple hundred dollars for something like that when and if my wife comes around to it and it becomes a lifestyle.
        I shop on Amazon so there are a few cheap devices on there. One is the silicone device which I considered, but I really like the metal. There are a couple 30-50 dollar items on there that are shorter than the long metal one I have now. When flaccid, I only fill about 1/4 of the device. so even when erect at night, it’s still somewhat comfortable.

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