7 comments on “Restrained, Unlocked, Plugged, Teased & Denied

    • Ooooo I’m so glad that it gets you boys crazy to hear what I do to cagedmonkey haha I REALLY got him when I went back up to visit a bit ago. I walked in and woke him by forcibly shoving him over onto his back and straddling his legs. I lubed my hand up real good and stroked his cock fast and hard and edged him, letting go at the last possible second before he went over the edge. I slid my hand up and down on his slick cock over and over as he tried to buck up at me but I held him down at the thighs. I’m glad his hands were already tied!

      Then I got him real good with my little palm trick and I felt like I was riding a bucking bronco! Haha I just held the base of his cock with my left hand and then cupped the tip in my palm and went to driving him completely mad!

      Haha šŸ˜‰ hope you have a nice day there in Phoenix, subhub!

  1. Ya, the video idea is *definitely* hot. Damn, you make me wish that I was there too (can you imagine some of the things you could get up to with *two* at your disposal?), or that Mrs. Twisted was there learning from you…or both…
    (Could it be that I have just a touch of masochism in me? Am I more than just a little ‘twisted’?)

    • Oh Twisted, my wonderful Twisted… I often fantasize about being a big ol’ cock tease two locked up boys. Making them strain in their cages, aching for release! šŸ™‚ One day maybe I’ll get that chance.

      Come here, I’ll tie you and hubby, bent over my coffee table, next to each other and spank you both real good. šŸ™‚ Forcing you both to watch some big hard cock cumming all over very big beautiful breasts! *giggle*

      I’d love to spend some time with Mrs Twisted hehe

  2. You do a great job teasing your hubby. I love the video tape plan. Both of you will enjoy watching it in the future. David has been having a problem lately with his cb6000s and his right testicle slipping through the ring. It’s happened twice now. He had no problem for a 3 week period but something has changed. Metal is in our future but we need to save for a while first. I love the way you keep your man on the edge and caged.

    • Thank you, I try! Tonight is quite the mindfuck as I make him wear the strap on harness with my new toy in it so I can use it whenever I want! šŸ™‚

      I’m sorry to hear about David and his cb6ks. You might actually like having a custom device!

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