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    • I’ve tried desensitizer creams, but they actually make it tougher for me to stay hard… kinda defeats the purpose.

      As for sheaths or extensions… I’ve always had a problem of finding a good fit. Either I don’t fit in them (#bigcockproblems), or they too big for ML to take comfortably. That, and I would get too stimulated by the inside of the sheath and end up nearly cumming inside it anyway!

  1. I am very similar. Without very much effort I can get quickly to the edge of orgasm.

    Eventually, if I do keep going slowly, I can get to the point where I can really fuck her hard and for a long time. I think, sometimes she gets tired of my fucking her and that is when she starts talking to me. All it takes is a few words with the right ideas and she will have me at the edge in moments. I think she does this on purpose sometimes just so I will stop fucking her.

    Are usually keep a standby cock nearby. It has helped to push her over the edge when I was on able to withstand being in her while she orgasms.

    Good luck! 🙂

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