6 comments on “Putting WLM to the Test

    • He seems to be up for the challenge… I think he wants to prove to me and himself that, not only can HE do it but that I can too! šŸ™‚ He really is a super duper awesome guy! And sexy, and yummy, and cute and a million other adjectives! Hehe

  1. Best of luck with the surgery! As you say, it will be a challenge for both you and Cagedmonkey but you’ll figure it out — it’ll be fine. Love your posts and certainly will be patient!

    • Thanks! Hoping I can still use my stylus and Swype keyboard even with my arm in a sling… but definitely not until after the block wears off! Dr says I’ll be numb for 18 hours… that should be fun!

  2. Good luck on your surgery. I’ve had several friends who have had this and all say the rehab is quite painful. You’ll just have to decide you are going to grit your teeth and just do it or you won’t get better. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  3. Good luck, and not to worry, you can learn to use your other hand for some things like writing, eating and…(BTDT).

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