One comment on “Praise and Reassurance

  1. I am really struggling to explain to my Wife this very point. She is happy with what we are doing, I know she is. She wouldn’t still be doing it if she wasn’t. She hardly ever does the things that you talked about in this blog and I don’t think she really understands why I need it. Some days I am fine, I realise I am being silly but others are not so easy.

    Last week I had a really bad time, I was grumpy and out of sorts with her. I couldn’t explain that I just needed her to hold my hand and ask me if I was OK, to tell me she was pleased with what I am doing and how far I have come so far. The times I have tried to explain this she has got annoyed with me as she feels that what we do constitutes enough, and that just leaves me even more confused.

    Your husband is a lucky man for many reasons but your understanding of the care he needs is probably the biggest reason he is lucky.

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