11 comments on “Please Stop, I Don’t Want You to Make Me Cum

  1. In my opinion, sounds of sex would be hot but I suspect that he will get bored with it rather quickly. However, if those sounds are you and not some random person or persons, I think it would be far more effective.

    • Thanks for your comment! Oh I completely agree! I would love to have sounds of me… He does have voice mail messages he has kept as new that I have sent him of me cumming. I just don’t know how to make those one audio file to loop. :/ I wouldn’t even know how to get those off his voicemail.

      Seeing is my vocal cords hurt and I’m always with one kid or both I don’t have a chance to make him good loud audio files either.

      • If you can get the voice mails to your computer, there are programs to convert them to mp3 format. You may also be able to find an app for your phone that can do it as well.

      • Thanks, I’ll have to look into that for next time maybe! 🙂 In the mean time I’ll have to send him more voice mails when my throat feels better haha

  2. Soundcloud.com is one place where I like to listen to sounds just as you’re describing. It’s a great place to arouse you man and a fun place to post your own “sounds of torment” 🙂

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