5 comments on “Pain Play: One Clip Method

  1. Please do not do this! It is VERY dangerous to have your head in that kind of bound position for an hour. The head should never be bound in any position except the upright position.


    • Thank you for your comment!

      As I said, I did not come up with this nor have I tried it… I will actually go edit this post to remove the “head facing upward” part.

  2. Maam as you instructed i did this with you favourite wife ;). It was an experience, the fact that I was blindfolded, gagged and restrained made it even more torturous and thrilling. The pain while on there wasn’t as big of a thrill, as when she was going to put it on and how long etc. After awhile I lost track of what side she was on and what she was planned on doing and just got into the experience of not having any control and her doing what she wanted when she wanted. The whispering in my ears only helped to add to the feeling of helpless.

    At the same time since I am in chastity my cock was trying to get hard the whole time and I was almost begging through my gag to be let out. All I could do was sit there straining and a bit of dripping.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience Lady M’s boy! It would also be interesting to get Wifey’s feed back on Her perspective of this hour long session and what she liked about it and if She would do it again and if She would make any changes. My original description was for 90 minutes not 60 as Lady M has indicated in Her instructions.

  4. By the way if You want to add a little bit more fun to this technique, You can add a second clothespin to the process, using one for the nipples and one for the genitals moving it all around the cock and balls, but in a certain pattern as the Dominant pleases. More fun you say? Add a third clip and switch ears (obviously, if you are not hooded).

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