18 comments on “Our Very First Ever Podcast!!

  1. Hey guys

    The link was perfect. It was great hearing your voices. It was pretty cool to put a voice to the written posts. You can hear in the way you speak to each other how much you guys love each other and the special relationship you have. It is a great idea and I look forward to hearing from you guys in the future.

    • Thanks for the comment, Stan! We are so happy that the podcast has been so well received, and we definitely plan on doing more. Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Your podcast boring???? You have got to be kidding! It was great, great, great!!! Hope you folks will do it again. I can really identify with almost everything CagedMonkey said. It’s amazing in that I feel exactly the same way about my spouse keeping me locked. Thanks to both of you for keeping it real.

    • It truly is our pleasure and we are so excited to do more! We look forward to lots more “realness” in the future!

  3. Great to hear you have a podcast and that you plan to add a link! Please consider posting a generic RSS link too, for us Android users, and not just for iTunes (I’m using BeyondPod). can’t wait to hear your podcast! Thanks!

    • Oh boy… I’ll have to look into that and figure it all out! I know I’m on my Samsung and I can click to listen to the podcast. Still working out how to make it downloadable across the board! Thanks for the comment! Look for more soon!

  4. That would be great – thank you! I’ve never done any podcasting or RSS feeds either, but I notice other sites have a link right from their webpage (like Dan and Dawn – http://www.eroticawakening.com/podcast/) or I just search for keywords in a podcast app (BeyondPod in my case) and it brings up the feed to subscribe from there. I wish I could offer more technical help, darn it. Good luck and thanks again!

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