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  1. First of all thanks for doing this. Its good to see an informed podcast on the subject.

    I’m interested on the devices you have tried and how you ended up with your current choice. Do you use a plastic or a metal device (or both)? Do you have a sealed “emergency key”? If so, how do you deal with that issue.

    An important audio note. Your mix audio levels are really Very low. This may be because you’re both speaking into one low gain, built in microphone. Perhaps you could Normalise the audio level of your file, before you post it.

    Many thanks and good luck with podcasting.

    • Thanks for the comment and the feedback – we are totally still in the learning stage of all of this – I have a much louder voice than CM and we talked about getting another Mic so that we could both be heard more easily. Hopefully in time we figure out our recording program and our Mic… We are certainly NOT professionals and we can only get better over time and with suggestions/feedback from listeners, thanks!

      Also those are some really great questions, so we will get them added to the topic/questions list! πŸ™‚

  2. Great podcast. Question. Do you still have penetrative sex? Or is your penis never allowed inside?

    • Yes, we do have penetrative sex – both uncaged and caged! ML’s pussy feels too good for me to go without!

  3. LadyM and CM, Loved your second podcast. One of the things you discussed was ending a period of chastity. That has been one of our biggest problems in this lifestyle. The longest my spouse has kept me locked was almost three months. Most periods are at least a month or longer. When she decides it’s time for me to be allowed a release, that is kinda where the problem comes in. After being allowed a full orgasm, I experience the sense of relief CM talked about. She doesn’t lock me back up immediately afterwards but usually lets me remain free for several days to a week or two depending on what we are doing. That’s where the issue comes in. As the free days go on, I start to really miss the feelings of constant arousal and also miss the device. If it goes on long enough, I get back into the bad habit of self pleasuring just to get the arousal feeling. Most times I just edge, but sometimes I go too far and spurt, the I regret it afterwards because those orgasms are not as good as the ones she gives me. How do you two handle the periods between lockdowns?

  4. Lady M and Caged Monkey,

    Love the podcasts, great idea and also great content. i have been following your denial with great interest as this is also something of a fantasy of mine. However, to date the maximum period which my Owner has denied me has only been about 70 days – though it has been about 8 years since She last let me inside Her.

    Keep up the good work and p.s. you both have great radio voices.


    • Thanks poppet! So great to have you follow along! πŸ™‚ 8yrs without being inside her, are you a cuckold?

      • Dear Lady M,

        Thank you for your reply. No, not a cuckold. Rather my Owner has made it clear She prefers Her toys and my tongue (normally in Her anus) than anything else i can offer – and i am often in chastity anyway.

        To be honest i also much prefer it this way. There is no pressure on me to ‘perform’ and what i enjoy most is seeing and feeling Her pleasure.

        It has crossed my mind wondering how i might react if ever She chose to cuckold (mentally i find the idea arousing) but it is a path we have never gone down.


      • Interesting! Thanks for letting us know all that. I’m sure the whole cuckold thing is mentally arousing. I know we couldn’t do that πŸ™‚

  5. Hey Guys

    Love the 2nd podcast. As always very informative and entertaining. So here is an idea for a future podcast.

    I am curious how did you guys get started? Did CM come to you one day and ask you to spank him. We all know that spanking is the gateway drug to everything else (HA HA).

    Were you always receptive? And how did it progress to where you guys are now? Would love to hear all about it!!!



    • Stan,

      Thanks so much for the comment! I love the questions and I’m totally adding them to the “future podcast list.” We have one in the works that touches on some of that but not those specifics.

  6. Hi Lady M and Monkey
    Really enjoyed your second podcast, it’s really cool being able to hear your voices, makes you so much more ‘real’ somehow.
    I wonder what your Icy Hot moment was and if it was anything Mistress R and I’s ‘Deep Heat’ moment? Seriously, you do not want that stuff on your balls, ever. πŸ™‚
    Interesting that you said your first orgasm after a long period is not as intense as you’d think, my periods of chastity are a lot shorter than yours (so far at any rate), but I’ve always found them to be too intense to be enjoyable, in fact almost ‘painful’.
    Looking forward to the next podcast, in fact I’m going to check it out right now.
    Robert Anthony

    • I will say that the simulation is very intense, especially after a good dose of chastity. But the orgasm itself seems to need a warm-up period

      At least, that’s my experience… I’m pretty sure my dick doesn’t work exactly like everyone else’s. πŸ˜‰

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