12 comments on “On His Back, Legs Up, Looking Me in the Eye

  1. OMG. That is so hot. Trying not to be envious.

    Lady M, you could have just referred your response to my question to this post and I would get it. Lol. I really need to be careful where I open my email accounts these days. Lucky no one was around my office when I checked in.

  2. What harness is that? My wife has a hard time finding one she likes, as she hates a thong style back, even with shorts under it. I assume it is very sturdy to hold up to what you do to your subby hubby. And that was a total cage filler.

    • So happy to hear your cage got nice and tight! 🙂

      The harness I use is the Fetish Fantasy Elite Universal Heavy Duty Harness because I, personally, do not like the ones with thin straps all over the place and around the legs and all that. They are a pain in my ass and I cant feel when I’m pulling backward. This harness (fits plus size!) has a VERY thin strap that runs down the butt crack so so she may not like it, however, there are a bunch of other heavy duty styles that have fuller waistbands. My issue with the smaller harnesses is that they sit way to low on my belly – being a plus size woman I need the harness to sit in front of my not down practically between my legs. It’s hard to explain but I like the ones that have a higher waist so that I am using my lower stomach for the work. 🙂 I hope that helps – I will do a better review on the harness today, what else have I got to do? lol 🙂

      • My lovely Wife likes for it to rest on her lower stomach, or FUPA, (fat upper pussy area). Looks like I need to go shopping!

      • Right if you look in the pic mine sits above my crotch on my lower belly which gives me a MUCH better angle and more control over everything. The other ones I had would always sit way too low, like almost on my pubic bone and I couldnt get a good angle at ALL! If you want to email me, I can show you a few that I’ve been interested in trying that are similar to the one I have. The others have the leg straps though and not the up the middle thin thong type piece. Let me know and good luck shopping!! 🙂

  3. Very nice, I had a raging hardon while reading it. Now I think I might have some anal tonight thanks to your post! Enjoyed as always!

    • What a lovely compliment, thank you! I hope that you do find just the right woman for you! 🙂

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