4 comments on “Oh… Yeah, Baby… Make Me… Have a Sex Headache?!?!

    • Agreed! I certainly hope I’m just one of the lucky (ha!) people this happens to but it doesn’t seem like it’s something I should ignore either.

  1. Women often hold their breath and clench their neck and jaw muscles as the approach orgasm, which can trigger severe headache pain. I am prone to migraines and have had to retrain myself to relax my way into an orgasm, which has helped me prevent sex headaches. Also, this:


    And fyi, birth control pills can help reduce headache symptoms in anyone who has cycle-related migraines or who suffer from PCOS.

    • Yay! Glad to hear I’m not alone on this crazy ride! LoL
      Thanks for your link, I’ll take a look.
      I do know that BCP can be helpful for some, probably most people for certain things. I have PCOS and it is something I can not take. BCP and I do not mix.

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