3 comments on “Objectification

  1. A beautiful description of your feelings and what ML means to you. I’m sure her heart will melt when she reads it, but I hope she still doesn’t unlock you. You are sliding down the slope into a submissive place where all the feelings of love and worship for ML come flooding out. I also hope that ML will be strong and spread her dominant wings and fly you as deep into submission as she can. You know those moments of desperation where you want to be unlocked and allowed to cum. You really want it but what you really CRAVE is denial. ML knows this and will use it against you. Your every waking thought will be about ML and you attempt to erect with just a sexy look from her or when she just walks into the room. The pit of your stomach feels like a bubbling volcano. How that for a dramatic flair? šŸ™‚ I can’t wait to read where this is going to go with the two of you. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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