3 comments on “Nothing Says Vacation Like Crystal Blue Waters

  1. Glad you had a great cruise. My spouse and I love cruising. We try to do at least one a year. You just can’t beat it for a relaxing vacation. it is really hard not to gain weight and even harder to get it off after you get home. My spouse says next cruise we ARE taking my cage, packing it in our luggage to board, then I will wear it 24/7 except when going off the ship on excursions and, of course, repacking in our luggage on our return to disembark. Not sure whether anything would be said about it. From what I gather, they have all sorts of things people attempt to bring on ships. My spouse says they should classify it as a SAFETY device. Ha! Guess she thought maybe some of the ladies onboard were a little too friendly on our last cruise. Anyway, glad you are back. Missed you on the blog and on CF.

    • Thanks for the comment… I must say I certainly wasn’t ready to continue feeling that “boat rocking” feeling while trying to fall asleep last night.

      • Yes, it does take a few days to get rid of the “sea legs”. My spouse laughs about it because I would be swaying in the shower at home for a couple of days after the cruise.

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