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  1. I know it is a hard decision to make. It sounds to me like caged monkey loves the tease and denial games that you guys play. It also probably makes him about 100 times Horner to worship you.And besides do you really want him not touching you. He deserves to touch and pleasure you. So my thought is to keep teasing and denying.


    • Oh Stan, perhaps I should have linked to what we do as No look, No touch! It means I keep him locked for an extended period of time and when he needs out for shaving or for me to use him, he’s chuffed and blindfolded so HE can’t see or touch his own cock… The ONLY way he sees it during that time is behind bars.

      I hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Definitely time for no look, no touch! It’s what I’d want anyway. 😉 Maybe even blindfold him so he can’t see your private parts when he goes down on you. Added frustration for him!

    How are those balls feeling, CagedMonkey? Full? 🙂

    • Haha oh man, would that ever be frustrating! He did tell me this morning he’s so horny it hurts (in a good way of course!) Hehe

  3. No Look, No Touch may be just the thing you need.

    But this is the second time you’ve been noting that thinks haven’t quite progressed the way you expected them to, that you both seem to have reached a plateau.

    Now, you know that I find this whole game incredibly sexy. That if I were in different circumstances, I’d have been begging to have my orgasm tied to CM’s. But the truth remains that we do what we do because it is mutually satisfying. Which is a way of saying that having announced in public what you are doing doesn’t mean that you need to keep doing it if it stops being fun. It’s a game.

    I know you know this. And I suspect you’re going to keep going. But as much prurient pleasure as I get from reading the blog, this reader wants both of your happiness to come first.

    • Thanks Al… I know, I’m in charge. I certainly don’t have to keep doing anything I’m not enjoying. There is no doubt this level of horny isn’t extremely hot and exciting! And boy oh boy do we still continue to have fun daily… I was simply mentioning that I don’t feel there is anything more by way of build up at this point. It doesn’t get higher… It does get to a plateau but that, in itself, is not a bad thing because this is when you ramp up the play time and play intensity.

      Now comes the fun… Especially being in our own place with our amazing bed – which we should finally get to use on Thursday! YAY!

  4. Great blog.
    I’ve just spent most of the morning reading your post back to when you started out.
    We have had a similar journey unfortunately never manged to get to 24/7 wear.
    We would go for long weekends holidays etc then stop.
    I guess I would get start to test my wife’s commitment to chastity and she would give in.

    After stopping we would both want to start again, it’s been like that for a longtime.
    I’ve tried giving her things to read articles etc but she can never stick to it.
    She says she feels to guilty to deny me when I beg to get let out.
    I think it’s a confidence thing, I know she likes having me locked as she’s told me herself and many times asked to lock me up.

    You are nearly 1/2 way though a year, that is a great challenge.
    What next? 18 months? 2 years……..

    • Haha I think, if we make it, a year proves to us that we could make it as long as we wanted! I don’t see any added benefits, at this point, to the extended denial… But who knows, maybe it will increase in the coming months! 🙂

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