8 comments on “My Thoughts on this Whole Discipline Thing

  1. Hi Lady M, sorry but I can’t offer a suggestion, we submissives need to stick together.

    However, hypothetically speaking, I would have taken something from him, non-sexual, like preventing him from possibly being in a position where he could fall asleep again. So that it only impacts him and takes little effort on your behalf.

  2. I have a punishment dynamic, but punishments are NEVER sexual or play-type attention (that’s a reward!) and they are NEVER work or effort for me (because of exactly your situation where you end up punishing yourself by having to do tedious stuff).

    My punishments are boring as fuck and to be avoided. If possible, they fit the transgression (e.g. left the toilet seat up? “Go in there and kneel by it and put it up and down 50 times: let me hear you count them”), but dull go-tos if there isn’t really anything are things like writing lines: “I will always put the toilet seat down” or doing chores like cleaning the toilet.

    Hopefully you won’t have the need for any punishments any time soon :).


    • Thanks Ferns for your comment… yes I usually do “fit the crime” for example one of my subs has a speeding problem lol so I make him drive under the speed limit as punishment (ugghhhh annoying!) or talking back gets you gagged all night. My thought in this punishment fitting the crime was to abuse the very hole I wanted to enjoy when he fell asleep. lol That ultimately back fired haha

      Oh well, I’ll stick to the boring, annoying, taking away enjoyment things I normally do. Because, in the end, it did just punish me trying it this way. 🙂

  3. Have you ever thought about having him write out punishment lines (or type them)? It is a childish, tedious, and very boring punishment that requires almost nothing in terms of supervision or work on your part. Google “Fond of Writing Program” and check it out. There is no doubt that those tasks are severe punishment.

    • Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, writing lines is a super annoying punishment. It’s really a great long distance punishment too, if you have online submissives. 🙂

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