4 comments on “My Taste of Freedom

  1. Think that’s what I missed the most, even more than cumming if that’s possible. The ability to feel my cock, move it around, squeeze it and feel it get hard, especially in bed. What a mindfuck being locked for a long period is.

    I’ve been away for a spell so please pass along my condolences to ML for the loss of her dad. It’s never easy to lose a loved one. Keep the good memories and it will get better over time.

  2. So, if I understood well, you did not come at all. You just were able to put your hard cock in her, but did not come. If that is so, that’s great!

  3. This is super hot. I could actually feel how wonderful it felt for you to have your cock harden without restraint. Your Mistress loves you by allowing you your freedom and for allowing you inside of her pussy.

    Although I am not in cage, I have similar amounts of time in chastity. Last night I was almost overcome with gratitude and appreciation to my Mistress for allowing me to fuck her closed hand for 30 seconds before I was to drift off to sleep. It was glorious.

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