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  1. Nice. I’m contemplating buying a Steelworxx device myself, just not sure which one yet. I like the look of the Steelheart, but not sure whether my KH would approve.

  2. When I started looking at a custom chastity cage, I was considering a SteelHeart cage, but when I showed it to my KH, and gave her the option of which cage to buy, she chose the Jail Bird over the SteelHeart.

    • Yeah I’m the one who went looking for our first custom. I feel like our JailBird well be our number 1 but we like the challenge that comes with an almost fully enclosed device.

      • I prefer the look of it, as well as the fact that it is fully enclosed, which means touching it is virtually impossible

      • Right… once we get the Revenge, we plan on doing a zero touching denial period… showers, unlock times, putting it on, taking it off will all be done by me so he doesn’t get to touch my toy! 🙂 it’s going to be crazy!

      • We’ve tried that where she locks me up, quite unsuccessfully as I never stay soft enough for her to get it on me

  3. KH and i are in the process of finalizing our side of things, and will be placing an order likely today =D only having experience with a Bon4, we are both really looking forward to getting this started. i’ve been searching for experiences like this over on chastitymansion and thru google (where i found this blog). It’s nice to see something “current” and only a few weeks difference of a timelinefor ordering. i will for sure be following this blog and will likely have one for KH and i shortly.

    We have decided on this setup and i will be measuring and emailing after this post.

    Steelheart, plus these add-ons
    + Anatomical ring
    + Penis plug *for all cb’s
    + Fixing made of rubber (the noose that prevents slipping out)

    Have You and monkey received the cage yet?
    Any tips on proper fit/measurments, if so?
    Althought i have yet to experience Steelworxx, i have heard TONS of good feedback since i discovered his site years ago. Only good things =)

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