4 comments on “My Lady Unleashed

  1. Hi cagedmonkey,

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful passion filled animalistic moment of desire! 😀

    I agree with you that nothing beats being taken in such a primal way. To know that she is just satisfying her pent up desire and not concerned with you getting anything out of it is such a submissive dream come true!

    Thank you for sharing such great experiences, I have enjoyed reading your posts!

    Take care,

    • Thanks for the comment Jen! I really loved hearing all of this too. I love knowing that he actually wants me to let go and give in to my natural aggressiveness. It certainly helps hearing it to combat the Dom drop I typically get. 🙂

      • Thank you for your reply Lady M!

        One more thought came to mind. Other than in the middle of a really severe whipping, I’ve never thought my Mistress ever was too aggressive. I guess I’m greedy, because I’m always wanting more discipline and more aggressiveness :-D.

        If she were to “really hurt me”, I unquestioningly know she had absolutely no intention of doing so.

        About a year ago she was being her most aggressive she had ever been. I was on all fours and she was using a dressage whip. She was so good with it that I was kicking my legs up and down frantically at times. The skin on the tops of my big toes was completely scrapped off due me being on carpet. I still have visible discoloration.

        She had Dom drop/guilt as a result, but I told her this is 200% what I signed up for. I will get hurt to varying degrees, that is the reality and depth of my submission to her. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

    • Thanks, jen! Not only is it amazing to watch ML be so free and also be a part of it, but I like the feeling I get when she shows me how badly she wants me. 🙂

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