8 comments on “My Favorite Kind of Orgasm

  1. CH enjoys ruining my orgasms… She’s like you, getting off on the frustration they generate. What she likes best about them, though, is that she can repeat the process several times in a short period of time. The frustration seems to multiply and that is such a bonus for her.

  2. Is it the orgasm by it self, or is it before the orgasm also, that you have this great power feeling you enjoy so much! Endlessly teasing the caged macho dick, step by step turning a strong man into a crying slave, begging you to allow him to cum, but you of course merciylessly playing for hours with his cock and balls keeping him on the edge…and make him beg more and more.

    • To ruin you have to stop stimulation just at the edge of the edge before that first spasm happens.

      I do love the power to reduce a man to a desperate begging aching mess! 🙂

      • …and you do it with me just by such a teasing answer! I am virtually on my knees, begging you and worhipping your boots

      • I am groveling on my belly, no part of me above your ankle, and I will lick your black high heeled boots until you allow me to stop. Then, if you want, I will suck your 6 inch stilettos heels clean.
        I beg you to be your bootslave.

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