3 comments on “My Fate is “Sealed”

  1. I don’t think in terms of how long since I’ve had an erection. Since I “bulge” out of the Jailbird frequently I sort of consider them erections–the attempt is as good as success?? It’s an interesting concept. I’m almost 21 days in the cage 24/7. So no erection for me over that length of time. Normally I would have been teased without the cage at some points over that time frame but because of my wife’s surgery that hasn’t happened. And today she had another surgery to deal with a complication that had come up so who knows when I’ll get to have another erection.

    • Oh boy… Seems like you boys are both in the same boat these days! Also, it’s not at all that he doesn’t get attempted erections and bulging, there is plenty of that. It’s more the full on not enclosed in steel full erections that he’s wanting to have 🙂

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