6 comments on “Mothering vs. Age Play

  1. Most dominant women I have known consider their roles as “mommy” — not int he adult baby sense, but in terms of providing a firm, loving environment for their boys. The Freudians will go nuts over this allegory, but the fact is that the mommy role is a very good model for what you do. Best of all, its obviously comfortable for you and it’s easy for your boy to understand and internalize his role in this context. I know that I can easily enjoy being in that sort of relationship. I think the most successful FLR’s follow this model.

  2. I really like the distinction you make in this post. I find it useful. There’s an aspect of D/s that I like that feels a little like age play but doesn’t need to go along with other age play things, and I think “mothering” is a good way to describe it. Thanks for the post!

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