3 comments on “Maybe No More?

  1. Hi CM

    I think you might actually might find this to be quite freeing mentally.

    I have found that since we have started our most recent experiment in which I have no expectation of ever ejaculating to have been so far a wonderful experience. Entering every encounter with absolutely no expectation has been quite freeing. I enjoy every moment and I’m not trying to get anywhere so there is a more relaxed feeling. Hard to explain but has helped me manage to enjoy everything for much longer than when an orgasm was potentially on the table.

    I will follow with interest.


  2. Good luck Monkey! I don’t think you need worry too much either, ML certainly won’t forget about your cock 🙂

  3. As soon as we started using chastity my Wife refused to allow me to have any idea how long it would be I would be going without an orgasm. So far she has kept me waiting for two periods very close to six weeks (we only started last October.) It is her belief that it is for her to know (or at least have an idea about) and me to wonder about.

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