4 comments on ““Maybe Day” Orgasm Denial Anxiety

  1. Now that you explain it that way it makes a lot more sense why you two have historically had the maybe day. I never totally got it because if you could make him cum or not depending on your mood I never got why there had to be a maybe day LOL. Maybe through this period of time without one but in giving him clear expectations of him you will be able to ease some of the anxiety in a way that perhaps down the line he won’t need the comfort of a maybe day. It still has been a relatively short period of time since you two worked on saving your marriage, about 2 years, but compared to 15 together that is still short, so perhaps as time goes on and things remain strong and good between you two that will also ease some anxiety that you both still carry around from previous times when things were not as good!

    • Exactly! At some point I’m hoping he can work through those childhood hurts but all of that takes time and it doesn’t bother me to give him what he needs. I need certain things too that some might find annoying but he gives me what I need… It’s one of the many reasons we are so perfect together! 🙂

  2. I must admit that “as it should be” always makes me bristle. Your relationship is not my relationship is not … Forgive me the heresy, but really what counts is the mutual pleasure and benefit the two of you derive from your relationship, which evolves as all long-term relationships do. Six months sounded like a great idea — until you felt a greater need to feel him cum inside you. So what?

    Let’s imagine that CM had said to you, “I thought I could do this, but it’s really harming how I can’t.” Not that it was too difficult, that it was harming the marriage. Would it be “wrong” to change the terms? Your dynamic is important, your marriage is important. The particulars are your particulars and your priorities are your priorities.

    End of sermon.

    • Al, great comment! Yes I’m a huge “what’s works for you and yours isn’t necessarily what works for me and mine” supporter. What works for one relationship may not work for another. Not that Mistress Marie meant our relationship needed to be like someone else’s (she was referring to my control being how it should be and I agree!) because no two relationships will ever look the same.

      When I am mentoring a wife/keyholder, often times they will ask how they should do something… I remind them to do it how they want and how it works for the both of them.

      Thanks for the comment!

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