4 comments on “Male Chastity & Cuckolding

  1. I have fantasized about my wife cuckolding me for a long time. The masochist inside of me is turned on by another male having more sexual rights than I (and deliberately downgrading my husband privileges), which sounds kinda like the situation you have worked out with your ‘boy toy’. I am curious: how did that situation surface (how did you meet him, know about him, etc.). That does seem like something that would turn me on, and seems like “cuckold light”.

    My wife pushes these buttons from time to time by pointing out men that are “hot” to her. I like the emotions that arise, as I have some sort of drive to up the ante and compete for her. True story, we went to a fancy hotel and got a couples massage. The dude that massaged me was fat and hairy, but the dude that massaged her was young and fit. Turned me on to no end, knowing that another man was touching her and seeing a bit of her private parts (maybe touching her ass too). I could totally see me wife next time saying that she needed both of them to be men. Ha!

    • Well cagedmonkey and I talked about what it was that “got him” about the whole thing and he realized it wasn’t that he wanted anyone touching me but that he kinda got off on the “nah nah look what I can do & you can’t thing” meaning his own erection or orgasm. So in knowing what your boundaries are and exactly what you’re looking for you could do a few things to find that perfect person willing to play with you. Talking to like minded friends who might be interested in what you’re looking for, placing an ad, of course, or something as simple as meeting a friend on FetLife.com and chatting until you realize you have similar interests. It wasn’t that we went out specifically looking for someone… it was more like those someones just happened and the relationships go how they will. 🙂 It really just comes up in conversation and then goes from there! I hope this helps! 🙂

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