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  1. Wonderful, wonderful post. Thanks so much for telling us a little about your journey. You describe what chastity has done and is doing for your relationship so well. If every woman knew what potential it held, I think every husband out there would be locked up. I agree with you that chastity can make a good relationship so much better. It won’t fix a bad relationship. You have to do that on your own, as you discovered. I commend both of you for not giving up during the bad times. So many couples give up to quickly this day and time without fighting for their relationship as if it’s not worth fighting for. This accounts, I think, for the high divorce rate. The challenge is to open every woman eyes to the potential of male chastity. Your post goes a long way towards doing that. Bravo!

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  3. When I read things like this I feel lucky that my marriage was pretty uneventful despite our unconventional marriage which often included others. However, we always played together, never alone. Our marriage came first. Unlike many couples we did not have kids, money problems or a sex life that grew stale. If we saw it getting stale we found a way to spice it up. We have tried most fetishes out there that people are aware of and even some they are not. 🙂

    My wife and I have remained best friends for our entire marriage and only in our retirement have we slowed down and that is where chastity came into play for us. It basically took care of our decreased libido’s, medical issues and sexual dysfunctions. It took the long periods before we were both ready for sex, physically and mentally and turned it into a state of constant arousal and teasing. My wife now can control when we have sex and enjoys the power she holds over my penis when teasing it.

    As a result, her libido was jump started to the point where she finally had surgery to replace a bad hip that made sex painful for her. She is now enjoying a few orgasms a week and says they are more intense than they have been in a long time. We owe that all to chastity. I have become addicted but I am addicted to the pleasure form hours of edging and being in a constant state of low level arousal that causes erections by just seeing my wife naked.

    Chastity has become our lifestyle and my wife is enjoying sex again so much that she wants to find another woman to join us in bed, just like in the good old days. I am looking forward to the experience of being teased by two women and watching them make love and not being able to join is to the extent that I used to.

    It is refreshing to find a blog that is not all about turning a wife into an instant dominatrix. 🙂

    • MaxnSue,

      Thank you so very much for your comment! I love hearing about your natural progression to chastity. It had become part of our life and neither of us feel it is going anywhere! We are in love with it and each other! 🙂

      Great to hear from you!

  4. I read this post with interest and I am close to tears at how it rings true with me. I cannot speak for my Wife but I think chastity play has definitely saved our marriage. I won’t go into specifics but our Marriage of 25 years spiraled rapidly to a point where I thought it was over last summer. It was all my fault and I spent three days, on my own, absolutely at rock bottom. If my Wife had decided to ask for a divorce I had no other option than to quietly accept. (It didn’t involve an affair or any abuse or anything like that.)

    I had seen some bdsm posts on Tumblr that showed male chastity and I had an epiphany. If I offered this to my Wife, that I would give her the literal key to my sexuality and ability for sexual release, she would know I was serious about wanting to be with her, be her husband and be her loving partner.

    I am nearly up to two full months wearing a chastity device with her holding the key and me locked 24/7, released for cleaning and her pleasure. In that time I have had two orgasms. It has more than saved our marriage, it has put a fire back in our bellies for each other. I honestly think that I want this to be how we continue to live for good, there is no going back.

    My Wife is taking things very slowly, but she has definitely developed a wicked grin and an evil giggle since we started this. Making me swell inside her cage brings her a lot of enjoyment. I cannot wait to see where she takes this.

    Thank you for keeping this blog going for so long, I still have a lot more posts to read through.

    • It is simply our pleasure! I’m so happy you were able to identify with some of our story! It is exactly why we started this blog and we keep it going.

      I think I speak for CM and I both when I say we’d love to hear more of your story. Feel free to email either one of us, anytime. If your wife would like someone to talk to and some gentle help along the way, I’m more than happy to mentor. I have so much fun helping ladies take control of their men! 🙂

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