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  1. One possible cause is that the cage is long. My cage is 1/4″ narrower than my true diameter and 1/2″ shorter than my flaccid length. I tried getting smaller base rings, but even a 1/8″ reduction (I had a custom diameter made by MM), ended up irritating me painfully after only a day.

    The much shorter cage and the “fits like a glove” diameter is completely comfortable and never slips down. I’ve been wearing it almost four years now.


    • Hey Lion
      We’ve talked a lot with Mature Metal over the years about this and, for most guys, having the cage fit – touching on all sides – is a great, comfortable fit. Perhaps for some, having the cage even tighter would work for them and it does come down to preference too. I believe if majority of the time your cage is well fitted and positioned correctly, it’s perfectly fine during these hot months with sweat and moving around to have some slippage. Not everyone can handle a tiny tight cage constantly pressing on their skin.

      I do think and CM would agree that he could use a slightly smaller ring (which we have tried) but he just can’t fit in it without some pain. We have also mentioned before how a double base ring can be helpful but he didn’t find the double ring to be comfortable as it created too much surface area, for him. Others may find that more surface area is a good thing.

  2. Mine is usually pretty snug. Sometimes it shifts a bit but never as much as you show in your pics. I think if it’s shifting a lot a new base ring might be in order. I’m also told a double ring will help to prevent slippage. But I haven’t tried it.

    • Hey Michael, thanks for the comment. We have tried both a smaller ring (too painful for his balls to fit through) and the double base ring – for him, it wasn’t comfortable. Yes, it can help some people because it gives more surface area to the base ring and can hold it a bit more snug that way.

      I do think that a lot of guys – due to sweat, heat, movement – experience a little slippage once in a while and need to adjust their cage. At least, in the 4 years CM has been locked and we’ve been talking to others in chastity. Some are able to get a fit that holds super snug and is comfortable to them, but even in talking to Mature Metal, it’s just par for the course for others.

      Thanks again for the comment!

      • Ultimately comfort is key–and a certain level of security. I know I can’t imagine trying to remove my Jail Bird without it being unlocked! You guys haven’t posted very much recently– I hope everything is good!

      • We are good and things are going well. The past few weeks have been a bit crazy with football season & other kids activities starting, school starting, busy times at work for both of us – we are trying hard to find a good routine that fits time to write… It’s not always that easy! We will get back into the swing of it!

  3. My husband is wearing Jailbird CB. It’s hard to get used to CB, especially at night. Now she sleeps well at night (except when he drinks too much fluids in the evening). Morning erection remained. Jailbird It’s for great hygiene. He wears CB 24/7, I take it off once a week for masive teasing and intercourse. It is important that the cage is the same dimensions as the penis. The ring should not be too tight or loose.
    Pubic hair diminishes the comfort of wearing. Shaving is worse, causing irritation, small cuts. For him, the best is brazilian waxing every 3 to four weeks. Johnson baby gel it is greased wherever the body is in contact with the cage or ring. So the CB is pretty comfortable to wear.
    Those who expect to with chastity belt be like without them will be disappointed. You Lady M and CM is a great couple. Site and posts are great too.


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