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  1. I wonder if the “cum on command” question is about orgasm training or forced orgasm a la tease and denial? I know subs who can cum – will ONLY cum – when told to by their Dominant. I have no experience with how chastity devices would come (heh) into play in that situation except perhaps as a tool for keeping a sub aroused. After all, if subby just finished cleaning the bathroom floor or just stumbled in after a night of drinking, it’s unlikely he’s going to cum just because The Big D commands it. But subs can learn to ride the edge, and to only cum with permission. But the command should only be given – if instant obedience is expected – when said sub is in a state of arousal conducive to following that order. Maybe chastity devices can be utilized in the training.

    Does that make sense?

    I don’t have answers; just a different way to look at the question. 🙂

    • Yay! We love different ways of thinking or taking a question! We very much appreciate your comment and always welcome other points of view!

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