2 comments on “Mail Chastity: Guilt

  1. This is such a great post. I believe my Queen is finally coming to the same conclusion. We’ve never gone as long as you and caged monkey, but today is 90 days since my last orgasm. She is more than content to keep me from orgasm too–it shows in her devious smile when I am panting with desire and am fully erect as she calls a stop to our lovemaking. “I’m satisfied completely and we’re stopping now”. She will then sometimes laugh at the expression on my face. I guess I look stricken. But dutifully I stop. I GAVE her that power and right. I need to man up and do as she says.
    Still in the beginning I do think she was guilty. Last weekend though she said, ” I can’t understand why more women wouldn’t want this!” The power is shifting and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    • That sounds amazing! I do the same thing! I get a good giggle out of CM’s frustration hehe I love seeing his face and watching him squirm and I love feeling his frustration come out in his body language!

      You are right, he GAVE that to me! Such an amazing and intimate gift!

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