5 comments on “Mail Chastity: Female Chastity

  1. Thanks for addressing this! You’re right, the leather ones with multiple padlocks look like they’d be kind of a pain, and kind of defeats the purpose of chastity if you have to take it off every time you go to the bathroom, right? 🙂 I was just curious if you’d ever consider something like a custom metal one that supposedly still lets you pee through it (though I still don’t know how practical that would really be for a woman.) I look forward to hearing how your “other” device works out that you’re looking into!

    Also, again I can’t speak from a ladies perspective, but I don’t think “suppressing the horny” would be too big of an issue! In my experience (and I’m sure cagedmonkey could attest as well) it is quite the opposite. Wearing a chastity greatly enhances, and drives horniness to wild new levels!

  2. I have always wondered about how a woman would keep herself clean and hygienic. Once I can get that figured out…..

    I have this really cool idea where we both are locked up with a Dom that will control us both. I wanted to push the limits of time and see how well we could satisfy each other in other ways beyond intercourse. To make each other orgasm in other ways or just be sexually satisfies without the dick or clit to get us there.

    • Kp,

      That’s exactly what cagedmonkey and I were thinking – minus the “Dom to control us both.” We want to control each other but as you mentioned, use every other way we can to satisfy each other. 🙂

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