4 comments on “Mail Chastity: A Crap Load of Questions

  1. I love reading about the two of you, such good erotic hotness!

    When I read this I just had to comment “I absolutely LOVE when I can get CM right to the point of a ruined orgasm yet NOT give him one. That is a spot where I say I ‘broke it.'”

    I’ve experienced that a handful of times. Where I just get right to the point of no return, then I stop thrusting and desperately contract all my muscles down there to keep from cumming. I wish I could master that, be able to reproduce it, but we don’t live together full time due to kid issues, so it’s never something we have time for given what my Mistress likes to achieve from our lovemaking.

    Keep it sexy! :-p


    • Thank you so much for your comment! We will do our best to keep it all at its core… Sexy and true to our lives!

  2. Male chastity belt I strongly recommend for all couples who live in a female centric relationship.
    My husband wears Jailbird with Steelworxx PA lock. I take off his chastity belt once a week for intercourse and shaving. Jailbird is a great for hygiene and I strongly recommend it.

    I love ruined orgasm especially after long term denial. That help him to quickly return to the line. His denial period is two or three months. Five ejaculation per year. I ruin four. It’s fun, and his behavior is perfect, without much variation.

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