5 comments on “Keyholder Thoughts: Orgasm Denial and Chastity

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to think of games to play with chastity to keep things interesting and new. Lots of people play card games and roll dice. My KH sometimes does forced orgasms. She has had me do four in a row with just a minute or so rest in between. They get kinda painful and really make you not want one for a while.
    So here is an idea. SPOILER ALERT!!! The rest should be a suprise.
    Have him orgasm as many times as possible in a set amount of time. Then let each orgasm equal a certain amount of time in chastity. For instance, you give him two hours and he has seven orgasms. An orgasm is two weeks in chastity, so 14 weeks locked. But don’t tell him until after the cumfest. Hope this gives you some ideas.

    • Haha what a great idea! šŸ™‚ I could easily do that in his birthday and then get him after with the results haha thank you for sharing!

  2. Instead of letting have a cum fest, you would start with a certain amount of time and make sure he cums even when he feels done. For example, cum 3 times, which is possible and on edge of an over load, then after the three times, for every orgasm, he will have 1 month subtracted from a 12 month sentence. The first three are possible, after that, you have to have a really good imagination, porn and the will to keep cuming. Any male here ever come more than 3 times in say, a 6 hour period? How about 3 hours šŸ˜‰

    • I’ve gotten cagedmonkey to cum more than 3 times in a few hours… but like once! šŸ™‚ haha most of the time on a break from chastity I’ll get him like 4 times a day. Mmmmmm

      • It is hard to do. I have cum 3 times in one session. During the third time, the erection is very full, Almost painful, but a good pain, After that, it’s just hard with no orgasm. A good way to get that full blown hard one without him cumming. Hint! Great time to get yours’

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