5 comments on “Keeping a Low Profile

  1. Glad to find your blog… I hope you keep it up! In 12 years of wearing a chastity device, I have only ever once caught someone looking at my crotch. And it was a VERY gay fellow, who I caught looking at my crotch when I was, or wasn’t locked up. So… it seems to be a pretty non-issue.

    Then again, I don’t wear a speedo at the beach 😉

  2. I was very nervous when I ordered mine, a CB-3000 but so far I don’t think anyone can see. Thanks for sharing that you were nervous about it being obvious also!

    • We really are living our new lifestyle. We’re grateful for each other and the opportunity to travel this journey together. We appreciate every moment we have… we’ve seen the other side and know that each and every moment with each other is a time to treasure!

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